Friday, February 5, 2016

Love is in the Air!

Valentine's Day is next week and I'll take any excuse to celebrate a day filled with love...and chocolate!

I had a little "Pinspiration" getting my home ready for the holiday thanks to Pinterest

First project:  Rose Felt Topiary

A simple but time consuming project so I just grabbed a chick flick, got cozy and started cutting my roses out of felt.

This turned out to be a bit of a time consuming project and I needed two movies to finish it so a Julia Roberts Marathon it was...After "Runaway Bride" I popped in "Notting Hill" and  ended up cutting too many roses I was so into my movie marathon!  Oh well, I'll save them for another project. 

Now I'm ready for Valentine's Day dinner!

Here are the instructions on how to make the Topiary Roses

Next up- Conversation Heart Topiary 

I grabbed a bag of conversation hearts, my glue gun, some hot chocolate and another chick flick

Check out the step by step instructions for this easy project:

Last year I hung my Valentine's wreath on the door..

A photo posted by Stephanie Taylor (@973stephanie) on

but this year I decided to change it up and hang it above the fireplace.  It's always nice to change things up a bit! 

Now I just need another project now to continue my chick flick marathon!