Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Laundry Room Fun

Is it just me or did this past Labor Day weekend feel hotter than all of August combined?  My husband and I hibernated all weekend watching Orphan Black.  

I'm not into Sci-Fi or anything scary...basically I'm a wuss...and yet somehow I am now addicted to this show!

I had to take a break at one point though and be productive so I started to organize our laundry room.  Something I don't think has been done since we moved into our house!  I came across this on Pinterest and set out to make my own version

When I told my husband about this project he said "No, it should say Money Laundering"  Clearly he has watched WAY too much Breaking Bad
I've never seen an episode (again, I'm usually a wuss) but I admitted, it was a great idea.  We found a piece of poplar wood at Home Depot for $5.  I fell in love with the green down the front of it.  I planned to upcycle an old jar but I had to splurge on a $4 green mason jar to match.

I felt like it was missing something though...that's where all the pennies I found discarded in the laundry room came in

I lined them all up and started super gluing right at the kitchen table.  BIG mistake.  I ended up getting super glue on the table which took off the veneer in one spot!  UGH!  Any suggestions on how to cover this up?

I am happy with how the project turned out...even if I'll have a permanent reminder of it on my kitchen table.