Sunday, June 22, 2014

Adventures in staycations

My husband and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary this year and decided to stay home and enjoy our first ever staycation. We figured we live at the beach, why not enjoy it?!

So we acted like tourists all week and if anyone asked where we were from instead of saying "oh we're local" we decided to be from Alaska :)  Hey- at least it explained the pale skin! 

Our adventure really started with a Dolphin Kayak Tour at the oceanfront.  It's so cool seeing the dolphins swimming all around you

The dolphins probably look even cooler now wearing the sunglasses we lost in the ocean.  On our way back in our kayak caught a wave flipping us over!  The kayak landed on my head knocking me under the water...did I mention I don't know how to swim?!  I've never loved my life jacket more.

Next up...we decided to try out the Adventure Park.  

This look says it all...what did I get myself into???
 It took me about an hour to complete the junior course... the junior one!!!
and when I got to the end there was only one way to go...down.  My husband...being a gentleman...jumped first.  Which we quickly realized meant I was left alone on the platform!   I stood on on top for what felt like another hour trying to get up the nerve to jump.  In reality, it was about 10 minutes.  Finally an eight year old and her Grandma joined me on the platform.  The little girl tried to encourage me to jump but when that didn't work Grandma pushed me off!!!  (Thanks Nana- I needed that!)
We kept it a little more low key the rest of our staycation.  Enjoying a little beach time
and taking our kayak out to Rudees Inlet
We took a tour of the Norfolk harbor
 and watched the sunset over the water

We checked out some old restaurant favs and a few new spots like Charlie's Cafe in Norfolk, Freemason Abbey, Tradewinds and for dessert...Doumar's! 

It was a great week and the best part... 

we don't have to travel far to do it all again :)