Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Cookies

This Christmas was a little different for my family.  With my husband recovering from surgery we weren't able to travel far to see family so we all decided to meet up in Williamsburg for lunch.

From Charlottesville, Ashland, Warsaw and Fredericksburg and Virginia Beach we came together for the afternoon. 

Typically I love to bake the week leading up to Christmas for our family gathering- putting together fun foods like the Christmas tree made out of grapes I did last year.

With our shortened visit I still wanted to make something special for each family member to take with them so I made these Peppermint patty stuffed Ritz crackers covered in chocolate!  So easy and yet so good!

Just stuff a peppermint patty between two Ritz crackers and microwave for 7 seconds...no more! Trust me. Press the crackers down lightly being careful not to break the peppermint patty.  Melt chocolate almond bark and dip the cracker combo in.  Set it on parchment paper to cool.  I added a few Andes crushed peppermint chips on top for decoration.

Next up Nilla Wafer "Cake Bites"

Nilla wafers stuffed with jam and topped with white chocolate and sprinkles!  So cute!! Recipe found here

My sister and I not only look a like...we also have the same sweet tooth so I knew she would like these M&M cookies.

Soft, chewy pudding cookies with TWO kinds of chocolate chips and M&Ms...what's not to like?!  Follow the recipe here  It calls for white chocolate chips but since I was out I just used 1/2 milk chocolate and 1/2 semi sweet.  You can't go wrong with more chocolate! 

From my home to yours...Merry Christmas and here's to an even sweeter 2015! 

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