Sunday, March 23, 2014

DIY Fireplace Headboard

When I turned 13 years old I begged my Dad for a grown-up bedroom set.  My sister had just turned 16. She got a new (used) car and was growing up and I wanted to too.
So I picked out this "adult" bedroom set.  Gold accents, mirrors on all the doors...oh I thought it was so fancy.
Almost 20 years later it has followed me from every apartment to our first home.  If you look closely you can still see the rips on the furniture from where I taped up pictures of Jordan Catalano. 
My So-Called-Life...aaah memories.  

It was time to move on though so I found this DIY Fireplace Headboard on Pinterest and asked my husband if he could build it.  He was willing...anything to get rid of the "Grandma bed" as he called it.
While he was building the headboard I worked on the fabric portion.  I found the perfect fabric on clearance but it wasn't quite wide enough so I found another piece that matched and sewed it on either end to make it look like another stripe.  
To make the fabric part all you need is a staple gun. Cut a piece of plywood to fit into the opening.  Cover it in foam or a mattress pad and staple it to the back.  
Then cover it in a layer of batting.  Finish with the fabric layer. 
To save money we just bought a mattress pad from Kohls to use as the cushion for the fabric part.  It was cheaper- but the "crates" on it ended up making the stripes go wavy.  This MAY drive me crazy for the next 20 years but at least with the bed made you really can't tell.  
Now that it's finished we realized we didn't need the fabric portion to go all the way to the floor.  The bed covers half of it.  Oh well, lesson learned.  

Maybe in another 20 years we'll build a new one but for now we're sticking with this. 
Plus, now we can say we have a "fireplace" in the master bedroom :) 

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