Tuesday, February 11, 2014

DIY Valentine's Gift Basket

My husband and I aren't into big Valentine's Day gifts. I'm allergic to flowers and they just die in a few days anyway.  (Heart shaped balloons, however, are awesome)
 But I still want to show him how much I love him
Sorry, not sorry.  So I made up this DIY Valentine's Day gift basket filled with treats he likes...Chips, Gatorade, Twizzlers and even wine
A not so quick Pinterest search led to me to MANY cute free printables

 Seriously I spent hours finding more and more I wanted to use
I saved them all and took them to Office Max to be printed in color on card stock.  Each sheet cost 60 cents so I didn't feel so bad printing a bunch of them
I made a few myself using Photoshop and a simple heart shape- like a bag of Pirates Booty with the message "I Like Your Booty"  I couldn't resist that pun :) 
Since Valentine's is only a few days away I'm making it easy for you- here are the links to all of the printables I found on Pinterest.  Start clicking and printing!  










I even found a free printable Valentine's Day card that went perfectly with my theme
Download it here http://www.creativelysouthern.com/2013/02/free-printable-valentines-day-card.html

And I stumbled across this cute decoration for the house for FREE
See I told you I spent way too much time on Pinterest! 

Print the free 8x10 subway art and find a nice frame to put it in and you are ready for Valentine's Day for sure


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