Thursday, January 2, 2014

New calendar

Happy New Year!  I'm ready to put 2013 behind me and a New Year calls for a new calendar.  Every Christmas I make my husband a calendar filled with pictures of us in various TV shows and movies.  So now matter what we do in the new year...we've already done a few fun things.  Vicariously of course :)  It was hard to top some of last year's (getting to be in Downton Abbey was my personal fav) but here's what I came up with for 2014...

My husband is a meth dealer...I couldn't be more proud hehe
from meth dealer to FBI agent
He will be the Prime Minster of England
I will be Snow White
and go to jail- EEK! Orange is the new black after all.
He will fulfill his superhero dreams. 
 And I will be a Good Wife
 We finally meet the mother

and go to work for Parks and Rec

yes we REALLY like Parks and Rec but seeing my husband as Ron Swanson made us realize he will NOT be growing a mustache in 2014...or any other year.

Needless to say this was his favorite though. 

Here's to a great 2014!

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