Monday, December 30, 2013

The best present under my tree

Back in July when Bailey was diagnosed with cancer we were told he only had a few months without treatment. We made the decision to do treatment to improve his quality of life but knew this wasn't a cure.  The vets told us his cancer is so rare they couldn't even really tell us how much time we would have. We could have a few months or a few years.

I remember crying on the couch and saying to my husband "We won't see him attack his stocking again."  Every year since he was a kitten Bailey has loved his Christmas stocking like nothing else.  He's slept on it, cuddled with it and even attacked it (blame it on the catnip toys inside)

 Here he is back in 2001 seeing his stocking for the first time

And this year we were lucky enough to have him with us once again enjoy Christmas Day.
and his stocking

Bailey's first Christmas he met Santa Clause and wasn't too sure about him lol

So this year I was determined to get some really good pictures of him, that he wouldn't hate. 

That's when I came up with this...a box!  Cats love boxes so why not turn one into a photo shoot that he would actually enjoy?!

We just took an empty box, wrapped it in some Christmas paper and he immediately jumped in and posed while I took all the pictures I wanted.

I love this SO much!  

We are so happy we decided to treat his cancer.  Even though we don't know how much more time it will give us, He is so much more active now and his quality of life has dramatically improved.  Despite his age and arthritis, he still chases our other cat Louie and gives him a run for his money

We're still worried this will be our last year with Bailey.  We have no idea when or if the tumor will come back. He has also developed other issues unrelated to his cancer.  He now has the early stages of heart disease and kidney disease that too often occur in older cats.  

So we just try to take it one day at a time and enjoy every minute we have with him.

One thing we know for sure...this Christmas he was the best present under the tree! 

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Anonymous said...

so happy for the blessing of another Christmas with Bailey! Hope things will level off and he will beat the odds.