Monday, December 30, 2013

Fun Healthy Party Food

I definitely indulged in my fair share of Christmas cookies this year but I tried to balance it out with a few healthy, but fun, treats too.

I made these easy party foods for my family's get together

So simple- just get a Christmas movie going, a Styrofoam cone, grapes and toothpicks and get to work.  Top with a Star Fruit and you are all set! 

I made it even more festive at the party by placing it on a platter covered in coconut...instant snow! 

Next up...get your veggies in with this Christmas wreath.  It's really self explanatory.  Just need a round serving tray, cucumbers, broccoli, tomatoes and red pepper.
Perfect for getting my nieces and nephew to enjoy some healthy food along with a few Christmas cookies! 

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