Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas decorating tips

Christmas is almost here! 
and I may have gone a little overboard decorating.

I'm not ashamed!  I love Christmas.  I pick up decorations year round when I spot them.

Something as simple as a plain blue ribbon can easily transform a Christmas tree in minutes.  Just cut a ribbon long enough to reach the ground- fasten it to the top of the tree (I tucked mine into the tree topper) and twist it until it hangs beautifully.
I found a box of ornaments at Give Me Shelter Thrift Shop in Smithfield last month for only $3 and knew I could make something great out of them.  

Like gluing a few to a DIY wreath
and filling a vase for an easy centerpiece for the dining room table

and the best part- all sales at the Thrift Shop benefit the local animal shelter. Win win! 

Now that the house is all decorated I can sit back and relax and watch some of my favorite Christmas movies.  

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