Sunday, October 13, 2013

My 12 year old cat turns into a kitten again

The last couple of weekends I've gone out to Eagle events and kind folks have come up to me to ask how my cat is doing.  (97.3 The Eagle listeners are the BEST!)  So I wanted to share this update...he played! 
Ok I know that seems normal for a cat but not for Bailey.  He's always preferred laying in a lap to playing. He's too sophisticated for toys.  But occasionally when he saw a straw he just couldn't resist going after it.

He hasn't played in quite a while though.  We thought it was just him getting older but this weekend he was like a kitten again for a minute!

For this little bit of time we forgot about the cancer and his next dose of chemotherapy and just enjoyed seeing him happy. 

He is scheduled for his next chemotherapy treatment this week but his kidneys had a little bit of trouble with the last dose.  We're in a state of limbo right now waiting for different specialists to confer and decide whether he needs a lesser dose, more time in between doses or a different chemo drug all together.  It's tough waiting and not knowing. But in the meantime, we are just enjoying every precious moment we have with him...whether he's being our sweet lap cat or a playful kitten again :) 

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