Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sock Bun Fun

When you work nights you get stuck with bad daytime TV....really bad!  So when E! has a SATC marathon on during the days I'm glued to the TV.  Of course the 5th major character on the show was Carrie's many many outfits...and the hair styles that went with them.

I'm pretty sure this look inspired the "Sock Bun" craze on Pinterest so I had to give it a shot!  Just take a sock (you know you have one who's mate will NEVER be found) and cut the toe off of it.  Then start at the top and roll that sucker until it looks like a scrunchie.  Don't worry SATC can't see the scrunchie/sock bun

Ok here comes the fun part

Start at the top and roll your hair down over the sock.  It's tricky...especially when you have long hair and layers.  Sometimes takes me a few tries to get all my hair in.

And I've even gotten my husband to help with a those few stubborn pieces. 

I was little worried that it looked a little too "Wilma Flinstone" at first

But it's become my favorite beach hair style

Mainly because it keeps my hair off my neck on a hot day!

and bonus- sleep with the sock bun in and you get some nice beachy waves the next day!

For anything to give my straight hair waves you know it really works!

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