Saturday, June 22, 2013

Vegetarian Restaurants in the Outer Banks

Before our first trip to the Outer Banks I scoured websites trying to find good vegetarian options of places to eat out.  In a seafood town it was not easy to find!  I jotted down a few places and went out in search of's what I found.

In Kitty Hawk we stopped at Mama Kwan's for the "Garbage Plate" and it was anything but garbage!  Veggie Stir-fry, cucumber salad and a grilled pineapple.  100% Vegan.

We moved on to our destination of Corolla where we ate out the most.  Being a smaller town, they definitely had fewer Vegetarian/Vegan options but I was able to find a few.

At SunFish Grill they had a Black Bean Burger (that wasn't my favorite) but their salads were amazing!  Normally I hate when someone says "You're vegetarian? can't you just get a salad?"  Um no, I don't want a wedge of lettuce and a few tomatoes for dinner, thanks.  But this was no ordinary salad!

Bambino's was recommended but they didn't have any vegan options listed on the menu so I called ahead and they said they would make me something special.  Always nice!  If you're not vegan and can have their pasta dishes with cheese this place will probably be perfect for you.

Bacchus Wine and Cheese was a good lunch option.  I had the hummus veggie sandwich.

I normally shy away from Mexican restaurants (one too many times finding a piece of chicken in my veggie fajitas) but Agave Roja was different.  They had tofu tacos listed on the menu!

Breakfast places are always easy to find Vegetarian options at like First Light Breakfast and Burgers...don't let the "Burgers" part scare you.  I had a veggie egg white scramble with a buttermilk biscuit the size of my head!  Vegans will have a hard time finding an option here though.

I ran out of places in Corolla to try so we drove the 20 minutes to Duck two nights.  At Sunset Bar and Grille I tried the Veggie Stir Fry.

On a whim we made a reservation for Aqua even though I didn't see a vegetarian option listed on their online menu.  I asked the waiter if they could make anything vegan and they came up with this little plate of heaven! Vegan couscous with fresh veggies from their community garden.  Best meal of the trip!

On our way out of town we hit up The Good Life Eatery in Kitty Hawk and it was one of those places that had multiple vegetarian options and it was hard to choose!  I went with the Veggie Veggie

I was dying to try Kind Confections at Zen Pops in Kitty Hawk for dessert but I went by twice (during the business hours listed on the door) and they were closed.  Disappointing!  So instead I stopped by Seaside Gourmet To Go.  I got the Black Bean cakes with lemon tahini over couscous and took it home for dinner.   Hey, it was still technically vacation :)

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