Thursday, June 13, 2013


I'm only days away from vacation and celebrating my anniversary with my husband...actually two anniversaries in one!
It was seven years ago, on June 15th, that Brian and I went on our first date.  It started off well, interesting.  See, I had another big event happen that morning...I got the job here at The Eagle!  Really exciting up until your date says "so I hear your moving away?"  Oh yeah...

We knew we only had six weeks together but after that six weeks passed...

In fact the day I moved into my apartment here my Dad introduced Brian as his "future son-in-law" I was mortified and said "Dad we've only been dating six weeks!"  Dad was right. (aren't they always?!) June 20, 2009 we got married at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. 

And it's a good thing we got married when we did...or it my have never happened!

Seriously, if Pinterest had been around before our wedding I would've gone crazy trying to incorporate all the "pinspirations" into our wedding day.

My favorite moment of our wedding ended up being one we didn't plan at all!

We weren't quite ready for the night to end so when we spotted the Mt. Trashmore carnival lit up we had to stop.

They were closing up for the night but I hiked up the dress and we ran for it.  After a little bit of begging they fired up the ferris wheel and let us go on a ride all by ourselves.

And my favorite pic from our wedding ended up not being the ones paid our photographer for...but the selfie we took on top of the ferris wheel!

It was the perfect way to start our married life together...on the ups and downs of a carnival ride!

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