Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wonderful World of Pets!

The 1st Annual World of Pets Expo is coming up this weekend at the Hampton Roads Convention Center and I'll be there Saturday from 2-4pm with the Eagle.  Would love to have you join me for the fun so....I've got your chance to win a family four pack of tickets!

But first...how about some adorable pet videos to get you in the mood?

Like the Dog that really really really wants a kitten

Can you blame him?  Having a friend is the BEST!

 to lean on

and team up with

sometimes they can get on your nerves

like REALLY get on your nerves

but they are always there for you when you need them

to lend a helping hand

yep, furry friends are the best!

So which was your favorite?  Leave a blog comment and I'll pick a winner for that four pack of tickets to the World of Pets Expo!

For more details on the show this weekend click here http://worldofpets.org/


Faith Bowerman said...

My 3 little sisters Joy, Grace, and Hope LOVE animals. It would be a great experience for them, they would love it so much. Please choose me. Faith Bowerman

Anonymous said...

My little sisters Joy, Grace, and Hope all LOVE animals, and would really enjoy this. Please choose me? Faith Bowerman

Amber Cromer said...

I would love to take my 3yr old to this!! she absoutley loves animals!!! would be a great family outing for us! Choose me =) I really enjoyed the dog pushing the cat into the bath tub lol!!! -Amber Cromer-

sarah said...

I would really love to go to this! I am a dog groomer and just LOVE all animals! This would be an awesome experience! Thank you for the opportunity to maybe win tickets Stephanie!!!

Stephanie Taylor said...

Hi Faith- please contact me at stephanie@eagle97.com.

Beth said...

I would LOVE to go!

Heather Jones said...

I would love to take my puppy and niece to get some fun and exciting toys for Hope's upcoming 1st puppy birthday :)

Erica James said...

I am taking my two rescues to this event along with my family.... We run a puppy play date group and I know that I would be able to give the tickets to 2 members who would love to go but can not afford it.. this would be such a blessing for them.

Stephanie Mitchem said...

I think the kids would love this

Nancy Doll said...

Would love to take the family this weekend!

Lisa Hall said...

I have three kids that would love to go!