Thursday, April 4, 2013

Painted Dresser

My husband and I were walking around our neighborhood last summer when we came across a yard sale and this beauty for only $15!
I liked the funky green color but my husband wasn't sold. So I said the magical words "We can paint it. I saw one just like it on Pinterest"

We had a few areas to fix up first- covering up holes and this awesome statement that was written on the top of the dresser. "Turtles Can Swim Therefor I am a turtle"
I kinda wish we kept that.  Turns out that was written in 1986 so this dresser has definitely been around the block a few times.

This was my "Pinspiration" for our dresser

And here's how ours came out

I had to add a little bit of funk back into it so I found some leftover contact paper and lined the drawers

My original plan was to paint the existing drawer pulls but we ended up finding these at Lowe's that matched our paint color perfectly...and on clearance!

So here's the final transformation.

I love it!

It's an old dresser so the drawers stick a little but that's ok.  I put it in the spare bedroom to keep all of my out-of-season clothes.  

Bottom line, when you find a piece like this, buy it. Even if you're not quite sure what you're going to do with it.  This sat in our garage for over 6 months before we finished it...but I know that if we went looking for a dresser like this now we'd never find it.

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