Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Backstage from the ACMs

The ACMs rocked Sunday night but there were a few moments that we didn't get to see on the show.
Like Miranda Lambert saying she didn't vote for herself for Female Vocalist..
“I actually voted for – I was rooting for Carrie because I’m such a fan of hers...
Miranda continued "...I’m so jealous of her voice and her legs and everything else she has.” See Carrie- everyone loves you!

Or how about Luke Bryan admitting he forgot the words to his new song on stage,  “I was so focused on hosting that I forgot the first line of my new single ‘Crash My Party.’ I don’t even know what I sang.” 

Sounded good to me! Of course I may have been distracted

Oh and remember this?

Blake followed that saying, "But the coolest thing is, this morning, I saw her naked.” Um not so much...Miranda said backstage, “No. How could he see someone naked on ACM day? There’s no time for that.” 

Now how about those little moments you may have missed like during Hunter Hayes' performance

I saw one of the guys in the Eli Young Band get bonked on the head with one of those balls but Taylor was quick on her feet

And if you changed the channel before the credits rolled you may have missed this awesome duet

Why wasn't there a mic on them?!
Seriously...Next year's hosts? A duet? Vegas show?  These two have got to team up for something for sure! 

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