Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter!

I love Easter weekend! Everyone gets dressed up in their new Easter outfits...

to go to church and visit the Easter bunny

My first year working on The Eagle we did an event offering pet photos with the Easter Bunny so I brought my cat Bailey 

Just like that little girl...he wanted to get away as quickly as possible! 

Next best thing about Easter: the Easter Egg Hunt! My "Pop" would always hide a quarter in one of the plastic eggs. My sister and I would run around the yard picking up eggs as fast as we could and shaking them hoping to hear that magical jingle.

Pop passed away last year and even though we hadn't done an Easter Egg hunt in years, I'll miss the joy of finding that quarter hidden in my Easter Egg.

Happy Easter!

side note: I found that Bunny hat in the big blue Eagle van one day and couldn't resist putting it this day I have no idea what it was doing in there. 

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