Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jason Aldean goes back to 1994

So Jason Aldean's new song is called 1994 and he went on Twitter today to ask what everyone looked like in 1994...

Jason tweeted, "Some of my fav artists had big hits in #1994 remind us what the style was like that year. Im talking to u @tracy_lawrence "

Tim responded with this pic saying, "hey @Jason_Aldean check out this shirt man, that was happenin' in 1994!"

and Keith Urban with this one

Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum joined the fun,
"Oh I love you for posting that...I think! ;) 1994 was a great year! Look at my dad's mullet!!! =)"


Dierks Bentley shared his 90s bedroom posters with Jason on WhoSay


Jason got Luke Bryan into the game saying,
"Hey @LukeBryanOnline were ur jeans as tight in #1994 as they are now? I gotta see a pic! Here's mine. I had a pager! "

Luke responded with this: @Jason_Aldean buddy, I'd say they aren't as tight but they are just as cool. #1994

Ok here's my 1994 picture...my sister and I rockin' skorts...skirt in the front, shorts in the back.  It was the mullet of clothes :)

Recognize the Shifting Sands in the background? My Dad served in the Marine Corps for 30 years and his reserve unit was at Dam Neck. We would ride down with him from Fredericksburg on the weekends he had duty.

We would grab our radio, head out to the beach on base and lay out all day with the radio tuned to 97.3.  Never would have guessed lying there listening to our favorite country songs that one day I'd be the one on the radio playing them!

btw remember the country hits from 1994?  Garth Brooks "Callin' Baton Rouge,"  Clay Walker "Dreamin' With My Eyes Open," Tim McGraw "Don't Take the Girl," Tracy Lawrence "I See It Now" 

Yep, 1994 was a great year!

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