Sunday, January 27, 2013

97.3 The Eagle's Winterblast 2013 at the Hampton Coliseum

Whew- is it possible to have a hangover without drinking?  I felt that way waking up this morning after Winterblast but it was worth it!  I stalked your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pics and found some of my favs from the show last night...

Brett Eldredge posted this shot on Instagram on the way to the show saying "Behind the scenes sleep deprived, delirious iPhone photo shoots...."

Later he tried to warm up in the broadcast area with Karen West!

Maggie Rose tweeted this picture of Mark McKay. I'm not sure I want to know what's going on there!
 Steven Sloop shared Winterblast Challenge winners Levi Road, and their awesome washboard, on facebook.

@Alexgator13 tweeted
"Winterblast was so much fun!!! Those crazy girls with posters were us!"

@RomulaLynn snagged The Henningsens for a backstage shot
Looks like @s_burns7 had fun at Winterblast...going VIP and with her boots on!

No filter needed for this picture @JessicaNicole3000 shared on Instagram with Charlie Worsham

I saw this pic that Rashelle Smith got with "I Ain't Your Mama" singer Maggie Rose on Facebook
@_redcupdiaries had Tyler Farr himself share her pic on his Instagram page saying "Me and Jerrod at Winterblast in Norfolk, VA"

Think @JHipple got a little "Redneck Crazy" when she met Tyler Farr?
Corey and EB from our sister station Hot 100.5 in the photo least that's what I'm HOPING happened here!

Now we know who to thank for the fun balloons...Melanie Hacker!

Pat Nottingham shared this shot of the Eagle gang on Facebook.  FYI- someone told  yesterday that if I'm not smiling I look mad.  I'm not mad in this pic...that's just my face :)

Garrett Wilson was up front for Randy Houser

Looks like @gymaholic_85 had the best seat in the house for Jerrod Niemann!
@Purplehew posted on Instagram "Look What I Got"  Looks like she snagged one our banners- awesome!  Where you gonna hang it?!
Randy Houser has the #1 song in the country so we gave him a cake!  I somehow missed snagging a piece but he did share the pic on Twitter with his followers. Enjoy Randy!

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