Monday, January 14, 2013

Couponing doesn't have to be extreme

Contrary to that TLC show, not everyone who coupons is THAT extreme. (and not all southerners are like the Honey Boo Boo family but that's a whole other post!)

Sure I love my little red coupon binder and hate buying anything if I can get it cheaper but I'm not about to buy 15 bottles of ketchup in one trip. Cereal on the other hand, I admit I hoard like it's going out of stock.

Remember Jerry's stash on Seinfeld?

Yeah that's puny compared to my cereal I mean pantry.

So whenever Harris Teeter or Farm Fresh roll out the Super Double coupon promotions I'm there...just not as bright and early as the "extreme couponers."

Yesterday Farm Fresh kicked off Super Doubles up to $3! That's a lot if you're new to the couponing world. I was excited at first...til I realized I didn't have any $2-3 coupons on stuff I would actually use. After searching my Sunday paper inserts and my usual online sites I decided a dollar doubled is better than nothing.

So instead of stocking up on anything just because I have a coupon for it, I took coupons for products I knew we'd use and found some good deals.

I had a total of $24.80 in coupons so that's a savings of 28%. That may not have the same WOW factor as "Extreme Couponing" but at least I know I'll use all of it...especially the cereal!

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