Monday, January 7, 2013

Antique finds

Weekends for my husband and I are usually spent shopping Antique stores, Goodwill and the RE store to see what kinds of deals and unique items we can find for our home.

Moving from an apartment to a house two years ago meant having a lot of empty rooms to fill.

One of our favorite spots in Hampton Roads to hit up is Antique Alley in Chesapeake. It's a row of small houses all owned by different people and we've found so many great little items.

My favorite shop.

Princess hanging out, waiting for shoppers to come play with her. I'm happy to oblige :)

I inevitably find an item I love but just can't afford

Until I stumble across my "pick." Yes, I like to pretend I'm Mike and Frank from American Pickers while antique shopping.

I fell in love with this but my first thought was to use it in the entryway to hang keys. Too bad, we don't have the wall space for it. As I was about to walk away my (genius) husband said "Would it be weird to use it in the bathroom?"

If by weird you mean totally awesome!! So this is our new addition for the spare bathroom. A place to hold extra toiletries for guests...complete with knobs to hang their towels.

I love it so much I just may have to pretend to be a guest and use the spare bathroom every now and then :)

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