Thursday, January 3, 2013

Annual Photoshop Calendar gift

Every Christmas I make my husband a calendar of pictures of us...not just ordinary pictures though. I like to take our faces and put us into our favorite TV shows, movies and well, just whatever looks the silliest!

I started with one of my husband's favorite old shows: Quantum Leap

One of the many movies we watched over Christmas vacation: Roman Holiday

Have to make us superheroes whenever possible! The Avengers

The classic "Christmas in Connecticut"

I like cowboys...he likes Aliens

This year we became obsessed with Downtown Abbey! Free Mr. Bates!

The upstairs and downstairs of Downton Abby! Who knew we'd all be routing for cousins to get married?!

For the month of August on the calendar had to go with my old fav!

Since they will probably make us wait til the very last episode to get Jess and Nick together...I decided to speed up the process by making Brian and I "Jess" and "Nick"

Are we EVER going to find out who the mother is?!

"You sit on a throne of lies" My husband's catch phrase all holiday season after watching Elf.

Last but not least, our favorite pics are the ones where I make Brian as silly as possible. I can always succeed with the help of "It's Always Sunny in PA"

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