Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pinterest Pumpkin lights

One of the things I love most about Pinterest- getting inspired for the holidays! I'm not big on Halloween- at least the creepy, crawly, bloody decorations out there ...seriously is a guillotine with a head laying at the bottom REALLY necessary? Or a grave yard in front of your house?! Can't wait to drive down my neighborhood street in a few weeks and not be completely freaked out!

Anyway...I DO love fall decorations- hay bales and scarecrows and of course, pumpkins. I was pinspired by this particular pumpkin carving

Sooo pretty! And looked pretty easy so I set out to do my own.

I started with a small pumpkin and cut the bottom of it off

next I got all of the seeds and guts out (ok I gave my husband this task because pumpkin guts are disgusting!)

Now it was time to drill the holes...when my husband found out there were power tools involved in this project he suddenly became a lot more interested in participating. The original post said to use a 1/4 drill bit but he thought that was too big for our small pumpkin so we used a smaller one...wrong move.

The holes were too small to get any light through so we ended up going back over them with a bigger drill bit.

The original pin says to use a small pack of plug in lights but since mine is setting on the kitchen table and I HATE cords- I went with a few small battery operated tea lights inside. It does make a difference on how bright it is but it's better than seeing cords in my opinion.

So there ya go. Pinterest success rate: Medium

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