Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Terrariums galore!

I've always wanted a house full of plants but with two cats that's just not possible. A glimpse of a leaf to them is equivalent to seeing the Holy Grail.

I finally found a solution (yes, thanks to Pinterest) terrariums! I can put all the pretty plants I want into jars that their little kitty paws can't reach. Torture? Maybe...but is it really any different than the laser pointer? They'll never get that either.

My first step, like with all my projects, is heading to Goodwill. I found a jar, bowl and vase to get started with.

The next step was filling the bottom with aquarium rocks

and charcoal

before finally adding my dirt and plants!

this one is perfect on top of the mantel...the cats can't reach it and the plant doesn't require a lot of sunlight. Win, win!

last but not favorite is the zebra plant terrarium!

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