Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter

I am all about holidays! Any chance to celebrate...bake...craft...I'm all for it! So I saw this Easter wreath on Pinterest (of course) and set out to make my own

Plan #1- I got some plastic eggs- large and small from Michaels and some yellow spray paint. I laid all the eggs out in the garage and started to spray them...and they promptly rolled everywhere.

Plan #2- I opened all the eggs up and laid the halves out to spray. Too bad when I went to pick them up I found they were so stuck to the newspaper that all the paint peeled off.

Plan #3- I got more eggs, hot glued them to the styrofoam wreath and THEN spray painted the whole darn thing. Success!

It's still not perfect- for one I have zero artistry skills so my white lines and polka dots are more like blurs and blobs but from far away it looks pretty hanging on my door :)

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