Thursday, April 5, 2012

Adventures in Pinterest

I am absolutely addicted to Pinterest! If you haven't joined yet- it doesn't make sense. You think "you just pin things?" And then you join, start pinning and BOOM full blown addiction! I love finding inspiration for things to do around the house and one of the first things I found was this...a picture in a mason jar filled with olive oil.

I thought "I can do that!!" It's simple, kind of craft project!

So here's how mine turned out.

Somehow the one on Pinterest looks better (that's what ALWAYS seems to happen)but I paired mine on a table with a few more pics from our Jamaica vacation last summer and I like it.

So there it is...a simple and easy Pinterest inspiration. I won't say cheap though because DANG olive oil is $$$ But all together it cost me under $10.

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