Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A last minute prayer circle saved Sugarland!

More details are coming out about the tragedy in Indianapolis after a stage collapsed killing 5 people and injuring more this weekend...backstage moments before it happened Sugarland's Jennifer and Kristian, along with their band members and the stage crew, were getting ready to walk out on the stage when the stage manager stage manager, Hellen Rollens, stopped them to do a quick prayer...and that may have saved their lives! Sugarland's manager Gail Gellman said, "Everybody was standing in a prayer circle getting ready to go onstage, and [as Helle] was walking down the ramp, the stage fell. So her decision to hold them for literally a minute saved every band member and crew's life." She added that while others backstage felt it was fine for the band to begin their set, it was Rollens' instincts that made the difference between life and possible death. As their rig came crashing down, Sugarland and crew ducked for cover near a wall to avoid the crushing metal. Luckily, they walked away unscathed and regrouped a little later by their tour bus. "There was no running out anywhere. No one knew what happened. It was just the moment when your eyes get big," the manager added.

Jennifer and Kristian have spoken out about the tragedy saying, "Our fans just came to see a show, and it ended in something terrible. My heart is totally broken for the families and friends of those who lost their lives. It's broken for all the people who got hurt, for the people who were scared," wrote Kristian Bush on his blog. "I thank God for every person who lifted a truss, who pushed against that metal to get it off someone; for every person who used a chair as a stretcher. I thank God for every fan and emergency responder, for everyone who ran to the trouble instead of away from it. The courage of those men and women will forever be with me."

In another statement released today, Sugarland revealed that it's in the process of "planning a private memorial in Indiana to honor those fans who died," one that will take place, however, after the families have had "time to go through their own services and memorial."

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