Friday, July 1, 2011

Diving in!

My husband and I were in Jamaica last week and we had a lot of fun kayaking, horse back riding, and shopping (guess which one of these activities was my idea hehe) We took a day trip to Negril and had to stop at Rick's Cafe- famous for the cliff diving. Everyone sits around having a Red Stripe watching those brave enough to take the dive.

I was not one brave enough...but my husband was!

After watching for a while he decided he was going to go for it and I was so nervous I could barely watch! He walked up the platform, gave me the thumbs up and dove in.

He landed with a thud.

The whole crowed let out a groan, feeling his pain. When he climbed out of the water and I told him this he said "Aw man, were you embarrassed?" I said "No way! I was yelling 'that's my husband' to everyone around." I don't care how he landed...he was brave enough to jump and that's all that matters!

Oh and if you want to see the's the video

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