Sunday, May 15, 2011

Laughter is the Best Medicine....

A Saturday night out with my husband watching one of our favorite artists (Amos Lee- check him out if you haven't already) Should've been a great date night but I've been experiencing headaches for the past week and it was just getting worse. By the time we made the drive from Richmond to VB the pain was unbearable and we headed straight to the E.R. Now I've gone to the E.R. only a few times in my life and every time it ended up not being as bad as I thought...there's a distinct possibility I may be a wuss when it comes to pain. So we sat outside debating on whether to go in or just go home and try to sleep it off. We decided to go in...better to be safe than sorry. And of course the moment we signed it and sat down *poof* my headache was better. I was really kicking my wussy butt for dragging us there at one in the morning and was about to leave when my name was called back. We were stuck for the long haul now.

We met with the doc and she thought it was just a migraine (so THAT's what that feels like OUCH!) but to be on the safe side she sent me for a CT. Again, lying there kicking myself for wasting time and money on this...when around 2 they came back and said they found something "funny." Well considering it's my brain we're talking about guess I shouldn't be too surprised, It doesn't always seem to work at full capacity :)

Next MRI. About 3am I went in to the machine to listen to the lovely sounds of a jack hammer in my ears...perfect for someone with a migraine, right?? When it was all done Brian and I tried to rest through the noise (and my on and off again pain) We curled up together on a tiny hospital bed sharing a pillow and a warm blanket (props to Sentara for the fresh out of the oven blankie!) Finally about 5 this morning the doc comes in and says that the MRI looks "funny" too and that I have a "ding" on my brain. Next step...body shop to hammer it out? Hey, that's what I do every time I get in a fender bender :) Guess a paint job won't cut it though so I have to go a neurologist just to make sure it's nothing (on the upside a day with McDreamy won't be too bad...cuz every neurologist has that hair, right?!)

He leaves us with this info and as it's sinking in and we're thinking..."should we be worried?" I turn to my husband and say "Well the good news is, at least they found something up there. I can stop asking where my brain is sometimes, we know it's there" And he replies, "yeah but the bad news is they found the chip I implanted in you, now my Stephanie Robot will never be complete!" It may not be a Hollywood movie punch line but it was all we needed to shake off the night and just smile.

Laughter really is the best medicine!

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