Friday, April 1, 2011

Brad, Josh and Carrie talk babies!

What saying did Brad Paisley teach his son? "That's what she said" Brad told People mag that he taught his little one to say it and now he now uses it every chance he get.

Josh Turner is talking babies too- he and his wife just welcomed a 3rd son and Josh says it's been tough, "We have friends who have up to nine children and they say three is the hardest number. I told Jennifer, ‘We’re either giving one away or having another one!’” Read the rest of the article and check the adorable baby pics here

Is the honeymoon over for Carrie? She shared what's driving her nuts about her new husband...his love of UFC fighting and her own downfalls as a wife "I think I nag a little more than I would like to, more than he would like me to," she says. "I'm like, 'Please take the trash out, please change the lightbulbs. These are man things you should be doing. I'll make you brownies.' " Read more about Carrie and Mike here Carrie also talked to People mag about how she avoids pesky pregnancy rumors,,20478362,00.html

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