Monday, March 7, 2011

Videos Videos!

Ok I was upset that Brad pushed back his CD release til May 24th but now that I know he is taking the time to do a duet with Carrie...I can be more patient! The song is about a husband and wife who are trying to rekindle their romance after years of being together and is called, "Remind Me.”

Wondering what the difference is between touring with Blake Shelton and Tim McGraw? Both have gorgeous blonde wives (or soon to be wife) according to The Band Perry's Reid Perry the difference lies in having to break a sweat. Reid told CMT, “I do know that we have matching tracksuits for the Tim McGraw tour…unlike us, he exercises a bunch. So I think we’ll be wearing out the track suits, going to the gym with him, playing basketball.” He adds, “whereas, on the Blake Shelton tour, we’re totally lazy. Just show up, eat. That’s pretty much all we do.” You'll be able to catch TBP and Tim here at Farm Bureau Live at Virginia Beach Saturday, July 9th..

Check out Thompson Square's late night debut on Leno- they did their hit "Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not?"

I missed Celebrity Apprentice...well every season since the first one aired. But they have another country star on to follow in Trace Adkin's footsteps- John Rich of Big and Rich. And he's playing for a GREAT cause- St Jude! Rich says, “I am not here to get famous. I came here to raise money for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Don’t underestimate the country boy.” Check out the full episode

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