Friday, March 11, 2011

Rascal Flatts!

Don't forget to set the DVR if you're heading out Saturday night for Rascal Flatt's ABC Special! It airs at 9pm with special guests Justin Beiber and Natasha Beddingfield! Rascal Flatts' lead singer Gary LeVox didn't really have a choice in letting his two young daughters on the set while Justin Bieber was there to shoot their TV special. He says, "I wouldn't have been able to go home." Brittany and Brooklyn even make an appearance in the show with the teen heartthrob.

To get you ready for the ABC special the guys were on GMA yesterday to promote it and play a few songs

Who is Dunn without Brooks? That's the question Ronnie Dunn was asking himself when his wife, Janine, gave him some good advice. He was frustrated because he wasn't sure if he wanted to be like David Alan Coe or Willie Nelson and according to Ronnie, "She said you need to go find Ronnie Dunn. He's in there somewhere." He obviously found him! "Bleed Red" is just what his fans expected. Ronnie's debut solo album will be out in June.

Real life couple Thompson Square are behind the hit "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not" and they revealed details about their first kiss...sweet until there was a turtle comparison lol! Thompson Square's Keifer and Shawna Thompson told USA Today it happened in his apartment while they were watching TV. Keifer adds that when the time came, he knew it was the right thing to do explaining, "We had that proverbial look into each other's eyes. And she started doing the turtle neck -- you know, started sticking her neck up, lips out, ready to rock." Shawna notes she'd only change one detail in Kiefer's story, saying, "I had the giraffe neck. Giraffe neck's better."

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