Monday, March 21, 2011

Rascal Flatts golfing in VB? Sugarland on Idol, Eddie Montgomery's lucky accident and more!

I'm not a golfer but I may just have to grab some clubs when Rascal Flatts, Darius Rucker and Justin Moore come to town this summer because according to Justin they play golf in every town they go to. "I play golf on the road probably about every day,” Moore tells Taste of Country. “The Brad [Paisley] tour was great last year because Darius [Rucker] is like me … he has to play every day. So me and him played just about every day over the summer. Going out with Rascal Flatts, I hear they golf a lot, too. I was talking to Darius, because he had been out with Rascal Flatts, he said, ‘Dude, don’t worry. You’ll have a good time. It’s a good golf tour!’ That’s how we base our tours on: if they’re good golf tours or not!” I'll be looking for you, Justin, at my favorite golfing spot...Jungle Golf at the Oceanfront. That is the golf they mean, right?!

Normally I boycott Idol's results show- who needs to watch Ryan Seacrest stall for an hour when you can just fast forward to the end to find out who's going home but this week I'm gonna have to stick it out because Sugarland is performing! Jennifer and Christian will perform on Idol's results show Thursday night.

Many have tried it...few have succeeded. I'm talking about pop stars going country. Jessica Simpson, Jewel and Darius Rucker are the latest stars that come to mind who have tried their hand at a country career and out of the 3 Darius is the only one going strong but Cher might be the latest to crossover! Rumor has it that she's working with Nashville-based producer Mark Bright, best known for producing Carrie Underwood's records, and her next album will reportedly have a pop-country flavor. Knowing Cher the album cover will at least be interesting...I'm guessing chaps and a cowboy hat HAVE to be involved!

Brad Paisley's new song "Old Alabama" pays homage to country mega group Alabama and Brad says it blew his mind to have the guys come play with him..."We were writing a song that mentions a few things and realized that the perfect bridge for the song is the bridge from 'Mountain Music.' And so I contacted [Alabama member] Randy Owen and asked if he wanted to write it with us, and then got those guys back together. Instead of sampling a piece of 'Mountain Music,' I had those guys come in the studio and record it. It was one of the most mind-blowing experiences of my life." Brad admits he was more than a little starstruck when he hung out in the studio with the legendary band. "That's the biggest group in the history of country music!" he gushes.

Every artist has the one that got away- a song they wished they had recorded or an album cut that should've been a single but Trace Adkins says that's been a common theme throughout his career..."I think probably the thing I've sucked at the most in my career has been picking singles. I've cut songs that were as big as hits as anyone else in this business has had but they've never been singles. I've got hits all over the albums that I have in my repertoire. I've had a bad track record picking singles."

Talk about a lucky accident! Montgomery Gentry's Eddie Montgomery was fortunate to receive an early diagnosis of cancer. But he may have never known if his son hadn't gotten into an accident. "My son had a four-wheeler wreck and trashed his shoulder in three places, so he had to go to a bone specialist," Eddie tells Country Weekly. "I'd been trying to exercise, get back to losing weight again, and was there talking to the bone specialist telling him how I'd been hurting in my hip." After the X-Ray Eddie states. "He pulled me to the side, away from my son and said, 'I don't know about your hip, but you need to go to a prostate doctor immediately, because I see a shadow there,'" Eddie recalls. Eddie was pronounced cancer-free in January after undergoing successful robotic surgery in December.

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