Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blake joins Reba as ACM host! Kellie Pickler wedding details, and more!

Reba McEntire has invited Blake Shelton to co-host this year's ACM Awards with her. Blake says he's humbled by the invitation. "She is not only a mentor to me but a true friend. She continually supports other artists, which is a testament really to her beauty and talent." Blake is a little apprehensive though about the gig. He says, “Yeah, I’m always nervous. You know, I do a lot better when somebody turns on the camera and just says, ‘Alright now, just be Blake…whatever that is…’ That’s easy for me. But when I have to read somebody else’s script, or actually read names and things like that, that’s when I start screwing up.” Somehow I doubt he'll mess up but either way it'll be fun to watch! The Academy of Country Music Awards airs April 3rd on CBS.

Kellie Pickler
eloped on New Years Day and she says the reason they put the brakes on their plans for a big, glamorous wedding was because they started losing sight of the real meaning of a marriage. Kellie tells, "We didn't have anything but us and God and our minister and I can't think of a word that can quite describe how perfect it was."

Tim McGraw used to drunk dial his wife Faith but when he started slurring in his text message to her he knew it was time to quit. Tim says he thought that texting (rather than calling) would cover up his drinking, but he was wrong. “I only learned how to text because back when I was drinking, I would get in trouble when I called my wife — she’d find out I was drinking,” McGraw tells On the Red Carpet. “Then I started slurring my texts and I figured, ‘Hell, I’ve got to quit drinking. That’s the only thing that’s going to work.’ And Skype, thank God, nobody knew anything about Skype back then. I’d have never stayed out of trouble.”

Speaking of Faith- if you missed her on Jimmy Fallon last night attacking a snowman- here's the video (skip ahead to marker 24:52 for Faith's interview and 32:47 for the snowman attack)

Luke Bryan has started dry cleaning his t-shirts! Sounds odd but he says there's a good reason behind it, "Now, I would get a nice $80 t-shirt, and it would come back about four sizes too small. And I realize I'm on stage and my belly button's almost hanging out. I look like Shania Twain up there. So, we've started dry cleaning the nice, designer t-shirts."

Before you come out to dance at The Eagle's Nest- you can practice your moves at home. Country Dance is coming to WII this spring. In Country Dance, players use the Wii remote to dance along to more than 25 hit country songs and earn points based on how well you’ve danced. Some of the songs included are: Cowboy Casanova, Water, Stuck Like Glue, Honky Tonk Badonkadonk, Chicken Fried and more!

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