Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dolly Parton talks Elvis and Johnny Cash, a new addition for Rascal Flatts and more!

I rushed home last night to catch Dolly Parton on the Late Show thinking she was only the musical guest but she sat down and talked to Dave too- and I missed that. Grr. Thank god for the Internet. Here's a clip of Dolly and Dave talking about Elvis and Johnny Cash

Congrats to Rascal Flatts' Jay DeMarcus and wife Allison, who are expecting their first child in January! Jay in a hilarious statement says, "I am confident Ali will be a wonderful mother because she has done an incredible job raising me over the past six years."

Kellie Pickler was so excited after her boyfriend Kyle Jacobs proposed last week she thought she lost her engagement ring. She was so caught up in the moment that she wasn't thinking about the ring and thought she lost it in the sand. Kyle found it in her lap and slipped it on her finger. For Kellie, their engagement isn't about the ring. She tells, "I could care less if it was a Cracker Jack ring. As long as I get to spend the rest of my life with him and wake up every morning and see him, I don't care."’ I'm with Kellie...Every year my husband gives me a ring pop for our anniversary and that means just as much to me as my actual engagement ring...and it's tasty too :)

I can't wait for October! New music...finally...from Sugarland! Yeah! They will release their fourth studio album, The Incredible Machine, on October 19th. Jennifer Nettles says the album reflects the duo's growth and evolution -- something their fans have come to expect. The forthcoming single is called, "Stuck Like Glue," which Jennifer says, "sticks in your brain, no pun intended. To me it feels young, hip and of course sassy! I can't wait for it to get out there so we can play it live in our show."

Alan Jackson is getting ready to unload another house. Weeks after his Tennessee home sold for $28 million, he has put one of his Florida homes up on the block. The Palm Beach Post reports that the Key West-style house was used mostly for guests and high-level staff, is on the market for $1.27 million. When in Florida, Alan spends his time at his 8,000 square foot mansion on JupiterIsland.

Tonight's Tweets:

@JoeNichols: At a pet store and this dog hasn't moved for 5 mins. Now that's relaxed. I guess everyday IS Saturday to a dog.

@jamesotto: @JayDeMarcus & @allisondemarcus announced they're expecting a baby this year which means I'm gonna not only be a dad this year but an uncle

@jrodfromoz (jerrod neimann): Tonite I can't Paint Me a Birmingham, but I'm sure gonna try to drink one.

@LBTmusic: Tony Horton... I hate you.... but I love ya!! P90x kickin' my butt! Jimi

@davidnail: I'm gonna be in Anahiem for the MLB All Star game! I know you guys feel sorry for me...

@Miranda_Lambert: Taking Jessi and Waylon to get a buzz!!!!!

@kelliepickler: looking through a pile of wedding magazines. lots to do...but so exciting!

@JackIngram: I'm gonna begin 2 start every song with "yeah, uh huh, yeah!"!It works so well 4 the rap and r&b guys- plus I dig it too!Yeah,uh huh,yeah...

Friday, June 18, 2010

A country star reveals he has cancer, Trace speaks out on the Gulf Coast oil spill,

Alabama's Randy Owen has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He made the announcement at his annual fan-club party in his hometown of Fort Payne, Alabama. His treatment, which he underwent in May, has been successful. Randy says, "I feel very good and positive about my future."

Trace Adkins spent six years working on off-shore oil rigs before becoming a country star and has plenty of thoughts on the Gulf Coast oil spill, including some advice to BP. He tells the Huffington Post, "Pay for your mess. That's all they can do. They're going to have to pay for the mess and probably change their name. They've pretty much soiled BP at this point." Trace was also on Anderson Cooper's CNN show last night. Here's the video:

Keith Urban has also expressed compassion for the residents of the Gulf region, who are losing their livelihood as the oil spill impedes businesses such as fishing and tourism. He says, "That's just really heartbreaking for me to see that because those people weren't at fault for all of that going on."

Congrats to the Rascal Flatts guys. They will get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next year.

Tonight's Tweets:

@bradpaisley: Eat your heart out Hasslehoff.

@EliYoungBand: What exactly is this..? - CT

@JackIngram: Texas- West today! Headin 2 Bakersfield to Throwdown! Gonna be good... Better b good. Time to blow off some steam!

@davidnail:The final Spring Training episode. Man that was fun. I'll be cheering the cards on in St Louis Sunday.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thieves hit two country stars

Two country stars have been hit by thieves this week!

Justin Moore reveals that his house had been broken into recently. Thankfully, Justin, his wife and their baby were out of the home when the burglary occurred. Only his wallet and some of his memorabilia were stolen, while the rest of the house was untouched. Police are still investigating the crime, which reportedly may be the work of an obsessed fan.

Even worse than losing a few things, poor Tracy Lawrence's dog was stolen! His beloved two-year-old English bulldog, Tank was taken from the his truck Tuesday evening (June 15) at approximately 8:30 PM while Tracy had made a quick stop at a local Walgreens store. Making it worse, Tank had just been bathed and was not wearing his collar or identification tags at the time. "Tank was my Father's Day present two years ago," Tracy says. "He's not only a member of our family, but a part of our road crew. We'd sure like to have him back home with us and appreciate your help." Tracy is offering a $500 reward to anyone with information surrounding the dog's theft or whereabouts. Anyone with information regarding Tank's disappearance or current location is asked to contact Sgt. Michael Mullins at the Mt. Juliet Police Department by calling (615) 754-2552.

If you caught the performance of 'Hit the Ground Runnin'' with Keith Urban and John Mayer during last week's CMT Music Awards and were wanting more from the two guitar-slingers, then you're in luck. The guys will debut their 'CMT Crossroads' episode tomorrow (Friday, June 18 at 10:00 PM ET). You'll get to hear them do Keith's 'Til Summer Comes Around,' 'Tonight I Wanna Cry' and 'Sweet Thing' and John's hits, 'Perfectly Lonely,' 'Gravity' and 'Say,' in addition to a few other surprises.

The rumor mill says Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest are dating and were spotted taking a romantic stroll along a Malibu beach the other day.

Tonight's Tweets:

@KeithUrban: This week's Urban Developments video, #59, from Keith's hectic week on the road is now posted! Catch all the action @

@TobyKeithMusic: Hanging in NYC, they have used up every square inch of this city!!

@glorianatheband: Say cheese! features photos from the CMA Music Fest. See what Gloriana did when the flash went off!

@BradPaisley: Harrison Ford aka Han Solo just got married. Wouldn't that make him Han Duo?

@davidnail: ESPN picked up the Spring Training cool

@DierksBentley: dude w the missing tooth from THE HANGOVER was at our show tonight and backstage. i know I could be part of his wolf pack

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tim gives a revealing interview and talks about not winning a major award in 6 years and drinking too much. Plus, more on Blake, Miranda, & Carrie

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton open up to People Country about their recent engagement. For Miranda she wants to prove herself to be a good wife. She says, "I want to tell him I really can love him the rest of my life." Awww! Blake says he's looking ahead to their future together. "When I see my parents with their grandchildren, seeing that relationship -- that's what I'm looking forward to most." They will make some cute and talented babies that's for sure!

Speaking of lovebirds...Carrie Underwood brought fiance Mike Fisher to CMA Music Festival last week, and he had a chance to meet her country music family. The Ottawa Senators hockey player even made plans for a man date with Brad Paisley. The two are going to spend a little guy time together soon.

A few days ago I told you that Tim McGraw says he's making a change after he puts out his next CD. He talked more about it saying in spite of his overwhelming success, he has spent much of his career fighting with his label, Curb Records. But now, Tim says he is putting it all to rest. "I didn't want to battle anymore," he tells Nashville's Tennessean newpaper. "You get in your own little world and sometimes you don't realize you're the only one battling." Tim also talked about not winning a major award in 6 years. "I'm blessed, and I don't like to complain about awards and nominations. I do think it makes a difference to your fans, though. Someone may say, 'Nobody remembers who won last year,' and that's true, but there are fans who watch the awards and if someone isn't nominated they think, 'Maybe they're on their way out.' It does affect the mindset of fans, and the people in the industry know that or they wouldn't try to manipulate it. What's the criteria for Entertainer of the Year, anyway?" He also talks about how he's handled things over the years saying, "I probably had some legitimate gripes that I handled the wrong way. Plus, I drank too much for a while. I've been sober for two years now, and that's done a lot to help me let go of a lot of things." Tim also opened up about his new love...acting. "In acting, I've seen myself get better. But I feel like I'm about 30 percent as good as I think I can be. It's like with singing, when I go into the studio and have these notions of, 'This is how I'm going to sing this song.' Then I hear it back and ... it's just me. There I am again.' I just want to be good." Read the full story here:

In more Blake Shelton news...he held his annual fan club party in Nashville last week and the let the crowd pick what songs he sang. For every song he didn't know, he donated $20 to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. His final tally at the end of the evening was $510. With help from generous donations from fans and friends, Blake raised over $31,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society during that night.

Tonight's Tweets:

@DierksBentley: getting ready to play nightgrass at telluride bluegrass festival. it's been 13 years since I was here a fan. fun to be playing

@JackIngram: Thinkin of basketball, world cup, us open and the next song I'm gonna write.- If sum1 asked me "what's up?" I'd say... "Nothin"- I'd lie! U?

@martinamcbride: Ok folks...we have to ZIP thru 67K to 68K followers lickety-split! 6+7=13 and, for me, that's unlucky. Just 1 of my weird superstitions. So...tell a friend or two or three to follow me and let's get to 68,000 quick! Thank you very much! :)

@jakeofficial: I wish I could magically teleport myself home right now for 5 min to let my dog Vern out. Oh well.. He's probably already s#*$ a big one.

@jamesotto: Just ordered the new I-phone 4! My contract was up & I really want off AT&T but my I-phone addiction won't let me switch. Damn you Apple!

@ladyantebellum: This week's Lady A Webisode highlights the band's 2010 CMA Fest week. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Is another country singer hotter to Faith than Tim? New Lady A video. Plus, Brad's take on BP in Tonight's Tweets

Tim McGraw is officially country music's hottest man, according to the upcoming issue of PEOPLE Country...but not according to Faith Hill! Tim told PEOPLE, "My wife would pick George Strait. She thinks he's gorgeous! Or Kris Kristofferson. When we're around him, she can barely speak." So how does Tim stay looking good? No alcohol and lots of working out. Tim beat out lots of other country hotties, including pal Kenny Chesney, (my pick) Keith Urban, Brad Paisley and Blake Shelton to claim the top spot. You can check the guys out June 18th with PEOPLE Country hits stores.

Reba may be returning to Broadway. She has been to New York City to check out the new Broadway version of 'The Unsinkable Molly Brown.' Reba was a hit on Broadway back in 2001 playing Annie Oakley in 'Annie Get Your Gun.'

Keith Urban is a dad now, but he won't be celebrating Father's Day on Sunday with his little girl, Sunday Rose. It's another special day for his family, his wife's birthday. To let them both have their days, the decided to celebrate Father's Day when other Aussies do in September. I can relate, my wedding anniversary falls on Father's, sorry Dad! Hopefully he won't mind celebrating another day. Keith says, "What I did is I took the liberty of recognizing that we have dual countries going on and Father's Day is different in Australia. It's in September. So, I said to Nic, 'Because your birthday is June 20, we'll forgo Father's Day. We'll honor the Australian one this year, and we'll go back to the American one when it doesn't fall on your birthday. I can't be taking the day away. I'd rather it be about her, so I'll celebrate it in September." With their joy at having a daughter together, will Keith and Nicole be having another one soon? He says, "I'm not, not trying, so we'll see."

Trace Adkins was the special guest speaker at Piedmont High School's graduation today after two students asked him and he accepted.
Trace had some sage advice for the graduating class....Live with your parents as long as you possibly can. lol!

Trace's duet partner Blake Shelton talked about their recent CMT Award win saying he didn't think they were going to get it. "To be honest with you, right before they announced the winner, I turned to Trace and said, 'We're screwed ...'" Blake told reporters backstage. "They had us seated in an area that there is no way in hell we could've got out of unless we were Two-Foot Fred. So they said our names, and there was a 15 minute delay ... first of all because it takes 10 minutes for Trace to stand up out of the seat and then get around the people. They had Toby Keith sitting there who's knees go out a quarter of a mile, but we finally got down to the stage."

The Teen Choice Award nominees were just announced. The awards show will air on August 9th on Fox.

Choice Music: Male Country Artist
• Luke Bryan
• Kenny Chesney
• Brad Paisley
• Darius Rucker
• Keith Urban
Choice Music: Female Country Artist
• Miranda Lambert
• Martina McBride
• Taylor Swift
• Carrie Underwood
• Gretchen Wilson
Choice Music: Country Group• Gloriana
• Lady Antebellum
• Rascal Flatts
• Sugarland
• Zac Brown Band

Tonight's Tweets:

@eastoncorbin: wishin I was on a beach somewhere right this second

@ladyantebellum: Attention Lady A Team Members: Our new video for "Our Kind Of Love" is up! Enjoy!

@BradPaisley: As I watch this BP oil coverage, all I keep thinking is"why can't SouthPark be in season!" you want justice? 2 words:South Park.

@zacbrownband: Zac Brown Band... if we had backup dancers we'd be that much better.

@LukeBryanOnline: I'm really freaking about the teen choice awards. Awesome stuff. Gonna be a fun ride. Thanks everyone for making this happen

@EliYoungBand: enjoying the new Dierks record! "Draw me a map" = new favorite song. -JY

Monday, June 14, 2010

Carrie's honeymoon plans, Blake's next CD and Luke's new addition to the family

Carrie Underwood is leaving the details of her impending nuptials to a professional wedding planner and the details of her honeymoon to her fiance. In fact, she doesn't know any details about the honeymoon. She says, "I don't know where it is. It's a surprise. That was Mike's project, and I have no clue where we're going, which is nice. I know it'll be warm. That's about it." So what do you get a rich couple as a wedding gift? Turns out, their wedding guests won't have to worry about that. "We really didn't register, because we just want people there," says Carrie. "The basics are always nice, a nice wine or something. We can write your name on it when you come over for dinner. We break it out, but we just want people there. That's the best gift."

Blake Shelton has a wedding in the works too...and a new CD. Even though he just released "Six Pack" three months ago, he's getting ready to give you more music! It's a new concept -- releasing six songs on one CD at a time, instead of waiting for a full album. The first one worked out pretty well for Blake, 'Six Pak' debuted at No. 3 on the multi-genre Billboard 200 chart and No. 2 on the Country Albums chart. Blake says, "Nashville has been looking for ways to try to get people back into the stores and buy albums again. You hear a song on the radio these days, and you just pull out your phone and buy it off the Internet right then, and you forget about it. We're looking for ways to remind people that we still make albums, and there's still cool music that you may or may not hear on the radio. So we decided to do a six-song album, and it's really cheap! It's like five dollars and change."

The next 'Six Pak,' scheduled for an August 10 release date will have "All About Tonight" on it.

Luke Bryan just took home a CMT Award and pretty soon he's going to be bringing home a new addition to his family. He and his wife are expecting their second son and he just let us in on what they will name him...Tatum Christopher. "Tatum is a guy from my hometown, and then my brother's name was Chris," Luke explains. Tatum is due in August and will join big brother Bo.

Tonight's Tweets:

@jamesotto: Went to breast feeding class with my wife tonight & I gotta say I don't know how y'all woman do it. I've never been so happy to be a man.

@kelliepickler: romantic dinner date with my love. time to cuddle now. I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

@JackIngram: It's good to be home! Hello Texas, sure is gfood to see u again! Buffet said that!

@glorianatheband: Beyond thrilled to announce we are nominated for a Teen Choice Award!! Choice Country Group- AMAZING!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

With Fan Fair this I mean CMA Music Fest..your favs talk about you- the Fans!

The good the bad and the ugly...

Josh Turner says the weirdest thing he ever had to sign for a fan was an "unused toothpick. It was quite challenging, actually. It didn't look anything like my autograph. It took a really small Sharpie, though."

Kenny Chesney, who is taking a year off from touring, is not scheduled to participate in this year's CMA Music Festival, but he certainly loves his fans, even the crazy ones. "Some of the more rabid ones, they'll follow us to the next city and follow us to the hotel," laughs Kenny. "This is no lie ... my steel guitar player one night had a heart attack in Virginia Beach, and there were some fans that literally beat the ambulance to the hospital ... but for the most part, it's OK."

Blake Shelton has a unique relationship with his fans, which is a bit different from other country artists. "There have been times where she and I have been together, and she'll be recognized and I won't or vice versa," says Blake about he and fiance Miranda Lambert. "When somebody recognizes Miranda, they're kind of timid and they circle like a buzzard and they finally get the nerve up and say, 'Are you Miranda? Can I have your autograph? I love your music.' And with my fans, it's never that way. My fans, it's like a drive by. 'Hey Blake, kiss my ass!' But a kiss my ass with a thumbs up, like a good old boy deal. Or 'Blake, what the hell is wrong with you?' Or they think it's fun because of the 'Some Beach' video that it's fun to flip me off. They assume that it's flattering to me, so I'll flip them off back and they love it. That's the kind of relationship that I have with my fans, and I think that's why they call themselves BSers, because none of them take themselves or me that seriously." Blake is set to to take to the stage Sunday, June 13 at LP Field.

Kellie Pickler also had moments where she found herself a bit overwhelmed by meeting some of her idols. "The first time I was really starstruck was when I met Martina McBride and when I met Dolly Parton," says Kellie. "But the last time I was really starstruck, I met Shania Twain, and I started crying. I was so embarrassed. I was like, 'Holy cow, I just totally cried in front of Shania,' and she said, 'No, don't mess your make-up up.' I know I probably scared her to death, but I made a fool of myself ... sorry, Shania!"

Brooks and Dunn have their last show in Hampton Roads next Friday and as the wrap up their time together, Kix spoke out about the end of B&D coming and what's up next for them..."There are a lot of folks around us who are getting weepy, but I'm glad we're having the great crowds and having fun playing music. It's been an awesome run ... But right now we're writing songs and recording stuff. Now we're getting to do what we want this week, when for the past 20 years we've always had to check with each other to see what we were doing and if it worked for Brooks and Dunn." Kix says he and Ronnie have been solo artists inside their albums all along, with the exception of the songs they wrote together. "Ronnie and I have a lot of common ground musically, so we'll keep making music; that's what we do. What either one of us do in the future won't be a huge departure from what we've done in the past, that's the kind of music we make. I don't think we're gonna do anything hugely jazz or hip hop, but when you're in a duo you do work within a format of that entity. We would sometimes check ourselves and ask 'Is this Brook & Dunn music?' and you start defining yourself to your fans that you are this kind of music and this kind of artist."

Tonight's Tweets:

@DierksBentley: good news: taking a jet to FL after show tonight. bad news: no bathroom. tim (aka slips) is prepared

@davidnail: Episode 5 of with Cards!

@BradPaisley: In honor of Detroit's favorite son...

@KeithUrban: Want to hear the inside scoop on Keith's hectic week, straight from his videographer Brad?

@JayDeMarcus: 2 movies back to back... Haven't done this in a looooong time....

@TerriClarkMusic: Old Lady "TMI" at Fan fest autograph booth today. She walks up and says " I'm having a great day cuz I got LAID last night"

@JackIngram: My manager says "tweets w/pics is more effective!"! U tell me... Is this "effective"!!!?

@leannrimes: My fans mean more to me than anything!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Is Tim McGraw giving up country?! The best moments from the CMT Awards...and what you didn't hear backstage!

Is Tim McGraw quitting country?! He said recently that his next album will be his last for his current record label. After that, he wants to concentrate on smaller projects -- maybe even an album of 70's rock covers. At a music industry meeting earlier this week, Tim said, "I've had a great career, but after 13 albums, it's time for a change." Hey Tim- if it ain't broke, don't fix it!! Here's a link to read the whole story I think it's all good if he makes a themed long as it's country theme lol

Toby Keith will be spending the 4th of July in Boston for the Boston Pops annual 4th of July Concert and fireworks show. The show will be hosted by Craig Ferguson and you'll be able to see it CBS.

If you missed any of the CMT Music Awards last night here are some of the best quotes of the night:

• "Anyone thinkin' about grabbin' a mic, myself or Bocephus will personally punch you in the mouth." –Kid Rock discouraging any would-be Kanyes.

• "We were not expecting this so much that Mr. Dunn has gone to the restroom ... in Santa Fe, NM ... This is just the kind of thing that will make them think we're breaking up the duo!" –Kix Brooks accepting Duo of The Year.

• "Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be Cowboys. Don't let 'em retire and end their career, sign 'em to catch touchdowns for the Titans this year." –Presenter and former Dallas Cowboy Terrell Owens, singing.

• "I don't know if you know what it's like trying to get Bocephus out of the house. That really warmed my heart, more so than anything tonight because he hates these things ... That almost made me cry, to be honest." –Kid Rock on Hank Jr.'s participation in the opening number.

• "My cell phone wasn't in my jacket, was it? If it was, just send a tweet 'thank you so much' for me." –Luke Bryan after winning the USA Weekend Breakthrough buckle and throwing his jacket into the crowd.

• "Who the hell are you?" –Presenter Kenan Thompson (SNL) as Reba to Reba.

• "Why is Terrell Owens here? Does anybody like him? I don't think so. I don't like him for s&*%." –Trace Adkins backstage.

• "Looks like you got a little bit of the oil spill on yours." –Presenter David Spade responding to Kid Rock's assertion that Spade's hair looked blow-dried.

• "I went to James Stroud's house and Paul Simon was there and the first thing he said when I walked in the door was, 'Where's Ronnie?' I looked at him and he started laughing and he goes, 'Man I'm so sick of people asking me where Garfunkel is.'" –Kix Brooks backstage.

• "You've had a great year yourself; your 'Hillbilly Bone' is huge." –Laura Bell Bundy to Blake Shelton.

Tonight's Tweets:

@kelliepickler: just looked at the pics from yesterday's show. It's time for me to put down the beer and hit the gym. I'm starting to look like a keg :(

@JustinColeMoore: Locked out my house...awesome! (insert sarcasm here)

@LukeBryanOnline: Hey guys. Thanks so much for my CMT Award. It was an awesome night. Unbelievable. Still smiling. Love you guys

@BradPaisley: Well my band is in the dunking booth at the fan club party. You're welcome.

@martinamcbride: I'm going to be kind to my liver today. That's all I'm gonna say.

@rascalflatts: Thx for all ur votes last night. We want u guys to know that ur support for RF never goes unnoticed! We'll get Lady A's "A" next time!-jdr

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

CMT Award winners

The CMT Awards were handed out tonight and here are the winners: (and if you missed any of the acceptance speeches check out

Video of the Year: Carrie Underwood "Cowboy Casanova"

Female Video of the Year: Miranda Lambert "White Liar" Hilarious- whle accepting the award she said "Let's hope my next wedding doesn't turn out like this video" If it does, I'm sure there will be lots of fans waiting to kick Blake Shelton's butt (not that Miranda couldn't handle that on her own)

Male Video of the Year: Keith Urban "Til Summer Comes Around"

CMT Performance of the Year: Carrie Underwood "Temporary Home" from CMT Invitation Only

Collaborative Video of the Year: Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins "Hillbilly Bone" of course many hillbilly bone jokes ensued throughout the night.

Breakthrough Video of the Year: Luke Bryan "Do I" Luke took off his coat and threw it into crowd after winning then asked from stage "Did I have my cell phone in there?"

Duo Video of the Year: Brooks and Dunn "Indian Summer" Only the Brooks portion of the duo showed up for the show though and Kix joked in his acceptance speech that people were going to think they were breaking up.

Group Video of the Year
: Lady Antebellum "Need You Now" Thought T.O and Kellie Pickler presenting the award together was hilarious...especially T.O breaking out into song with "Mama, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys"

Tonight's Tweets:

@chuckwicksmusic: The "Situation" is sitting by me and he's hitting on every girl in sight...he's on FIRE!! Lol. And here's Snookie!! Lol. Love it...

@chuckwicksmusic: Wierd....why are the urinals so close bakstage?? @dannygokey @blakeshelton

@TerriClarkMusic: Just saw Carrie Underwood at about 14 years of age singing " Emotional Girl" on U tube. Very cute !!

@KeithUrban: At rehearsals jamming with John Mayer, for the CMT Awards tonight.

@DierksBentley: Jake eagerly awaiting the chevy parade at CMA musicfest! #fb

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Willie answers why

Wondering why Willie Nelson cut off his famous braid? Well that may not be the only hair he cut off...He told The National Post: "Tell them I also shaved my legs." Ok, so that was probably a joke :) But he did explain why and how he got rid of his famous hair. Willie says, "I felt like I was pulling a trailer it had gotten so long. My hair was way down below my waist, it was a problem — it was heavy, it got dirty and I couldn’t wash it because I hurt my arm playing golf. I was using a five wood and hit a rock, and when I hurt my arm that was the last straw. I couldn’t take care of my hair by myself and I had to have Annie, my wife, help me wash it."
So, now the only thing left to wonder is who did the cutting? If you thought Willie went to some fancy salon, you'd be wrong. He says, "I was looking for a pair of scissors and I found one in the bathroom drawer and just reached back there and grabbed the ponytail and just cut it as close as I could get it."

Is Ashton Kutcher going country? According to his co-star in The Killers, Katherine Heigal, he has co-written a country song with her husband Josh Kelley. Josh is Charles Kelley from Lady Antebellum's brother FYI. Josh has decided to follow in his brother's footsteps and go country. He's working on his CD and while hanging out on the set of his wife's movie with Ashton, they co-wrote a song together called "You Drive." Katherine won't say whether it's going on her husband's country CD though and would only say "You're going to have to ask Josh!"

Newly engaged country couple Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are on the the cover of the latest issue of Country Weekly. Pick up the issue to read more about their engagement and upcoming nuptials including why she said yes.

Tonight's Tweets:

@BradPaisley: Had lunch with Andy Griffith today. He says hi.

@kelliepickler: Chilling with MooMoo by the pool.

@RandyHouser: Randy tells The Boot about his first time... hearing himself on the radio! Read the article at

@LBTmusic: Naps make me feel guilty.

@EliYoungBand: Writing the setlist on a paper plate. That's rock & country all in one! -Mike

Monday, June 7, 2010

Taylor makes history, LeAnn talks divorce drama and Tonight's Tweets

The 2010 CMT MUSIC AWARDS will air LIVE Wednesday night on CMT and And there's still time to get your vote in online at Voting ends tomorrow (June 8) You'll still have the chance to vote for the big one, VIDEO OF THE YEAR, during the show at and by text message.

Tune into the Ellen show tomorrow the guys from Rascal Flatts will be on!

Taylor Swift
concluded her “Fearless Tour” last night at Gillette Stadium near Boston. It was her first headlining show in an NFL stadium and also pretty cool... Taylor is the first female to ever headline a concert in the home of the New England Patriots.

The CMA Music Festival is this week in Nashville (I still want to call it Fan Fair- can't help myself!) Miranda Lambert will be on of the many performing and she gave her tips to to festival goers who want to enjoy the full music experience: Pace yourselves. "From my own personal experience, if you at least wait until noon to start drinking, you'll last a lot more. We get to go on at nighttime at a lot of these festivals, which I'm thrilled about, but half the time people are like half passed out drunk from all day of listening to great music, drinking beer and being in the sun. So pace yourself, 'cause we're coming out, buddy!"

LeAnn Rimes has been in the gossip mags this past year after separating from her husband and hooking up with Eddie Cibrian. She talked with People magazine to give her side of the story and said, "I take responsibility for everything I've done. I hate that people got hurt. But I don't regret the outcome." She discussed when the affair started, saying it was a few months after filming on Northern Lights wrapped. "It was very emotionally driven. I never once thought what I was doing was OK." She adds, "I was out of balance. My marriage was out of balance. There was something missing." Of course, the label "homewrecker" has been used toward LeAnn after all of this came out and she hates it. She says, "The hardest thing to hear is someone call either of us a home wrecker because we didn't walk into a perfectly happy marriage and ruin it. I don't know what the future holds, but I know it holds Eddie. I'm really happy. I've moved on, and I hope there can be some forgiveness and acceptance."

Tonight's Tweets:

@kelliepickler: Just had my fitting for dresses for the CMT awards and got my nails done with @RachReinert. It's another beautiful day in Nashville. :)

@DierksBentley: Check out this release week video that I put together for you....

@sarahbuxton: Last nite was fun, but sad. Some of my favorite people on the tour went home. Be good to see them when we're in L.A....

@jamesotto: In the studio today cutting "Soldiers & Jesus" & a couple others to finish my album. Can't wait to hear the final cuts.

@TerriClarkMusic: Went to about 20 yard sales in my neighborhood over the weekend. Had to replace everything I gave to the flood relief.

@LBTmusic: Just left rehearsal for a surprise appearance this week. Shhh!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Slickdeals-FREE donuts, photo book, Father's Day card, Lady A tune and more!

Tomorrow is Donut Day and that means FREE DONUTS! Heck yeah! Dunkin Donuts is giving away one free donut with any beverage purchase tomorrow Friday, June 4th. Also, Krispy Kreme will be giving out one free donut of any variety with no purchase necessary. Two stores in the Hampton Roads area are Hampton at 3400 W. Mercury Blvd and in Va Beach on the Blvd (4901 VB Blvd)

Free download of Lady A "Need You Now" This is a FREE Workout Mix courtesy of The Biggest Loser and SUBWAY. The Workout Mix includes 12 songs, including “Telephone” by Lady Gaga, “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum and “Hey Soul Sister” by Train.

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Sign up for the Redbox Text Club and get a promo code sent to your cell phone on the first Monday of each month good for a FREE Movie Rental

I love photo books! After years of taking up way too much time scrapbooking or printing out pictures and never getting around to putting them in an album, photo books are my favorite way to organize memories now in a fun way. Made even more fun when they are free! Stop by Shutterfly on Facebook to get a coupon code for a FREE 20-Page 5 x 7 Photo Book (a $12.99 value). Here’s what you do:

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Ever bring home a new bag of food for your pet just to have them turn their nose up at it? Happened to me recently...that's what makes free samples so great. Test it out before wasting your money on something they may not like. Get a free sample of Purina Smart Blends from Walmart and sign up for a free oven baked dog treat I guarentee your dog will love the mailman the day he brings these treats :)

Free drink from Waffle House:

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If you are a member of the Pampers Gifts to Grow program- here are a few new codes to enter for points: FBMemorialDay10 and JunFacebook2010.

CVS is running an unadvertised promotion throughout the month of June that will let you to get several FREE PowerBars without clipping a coupon. Just buy one PowerBar Pure & Simple Energy Bar for 99 cents and you'll get 99 cents back in Extra Care Bucks making it free!

Snapfish is running a BOGO promotion this week. Just use coupon code EARLYBIRD10 to get a FREE Custom or Classic Cover Photo Book when you purchase a Custom or Classic Cover Photo Book. This offer is good through 6/9.

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Free soap from Walgreens this week: Buy 3 Neutrogena Bar Soaps at $2.69-2.99 each and you'll get
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FREE MUFFIN with any cafe purchase at Barnes and Nobles with this coupon

Need some summer clothes? JC Penney offers $10 off $10 or more with code DADROCKS.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Martina raps? Taylor to the rescue and Tonight's Tweets

First week of June and it's already getting unbearably hot for me...Reba McEntire on the other hand is ecstatic that summer is finally here. She says, "I love to be in the South where the humidity is high. My skin drinks it up. Did I say that I love it? I didn't say my hair loves it. Wow -- does it get curly!" I wish I had that problem, mine just goes more limp than it already is...and so does the rest of me from heat exhaustion. Looking forward to fall already...summer turns me lazy so maybe by then I can peel myself off the couch lol.

Even the biggest stars aren't immune to housing market downturn. It took a year of being on the market, and a $10 million drop in price but Alan Jackson has finally sold his 135-acre estate for $28 million. According to the Nashville Post, the home, which was originally listed for $38 million, has almost 19,000 square feet of living space, a 20-car garage, two guest houses and a gym. The buyer is a businessman from California.

Kid Rock is co hosting the CMT awards coming up next Tuesday and he just released details about his new CD and a few country stars will be appearing on it. Zac Brown will guest on the song "Flying High" and Martina McBride joins rapper T.I., on a tune titled "Care." I never thought I would say Martina McBride and rapper in the same sentence but sounds cool! Kid Rock also pairs up again with Sheryl Crow on a new song "Collide." Bob Seger also plays on the same song and Kid Rock says, "I asked [Bob] to be on the track, and he didn't call me back. I started getting really nervous, and then a couple of days later he showed up at the studio, by himself. I said, 'Bob, why didn't you call? I didn't think you were going to do it!' He said, 'I was practicing.'" The CD will be called "Born Free" and is expected to be released September 7.

Taylor Swift loves her fans and shows it! On May 20, Taylor performed before a sold-out crowd at Scotiabank Place in Kanata, Ontario, Canada. Nicole Lavoie was in the audience and experienced a "serious medical emergency" at the show. Nicole's mother, Harriett Lavoie, wrote a letter to the Ottawa Citizen newspaper expressing her gratitude to the "people who rushed to Nicole's aid during a serious medical emergency at the Taylor Swift concert." In the letter, she says, "While we were waiting in a special medical room at Scotiabank Place, we were surprised to have a visit from Taylor Swift's mom, Andrea, and her management crew and for their kindness to myself and my daughter during that very difficult time.

"Nicole was transported by ambulance to Queensway Carleton Hospital. While she was under observation in the emergency room, she got a call on her cell phone -- Taylor Swift was on the line. This special singer took the time to check on my daughter's condition and talk to Nicole for several minutes about her country music to one of her biggest fans. Nicole is impressed with Taylor Swift's down-to-earth goodness in making that call. But as a teenager, she is so excited to have this memorable experience."

Tonight's Tweets:

@glorianatheband: visited the Walter Reed army hospital today. Got to meet some amazing/brave/inspiring soldiers. Very eye opening experience, thank u troops!

@leannrimes: Check out People mag this week. It comes out today. I'm really proud of the article inside! It's for you the fans! Love you all

@taylorswift13: So I decided that since my lucky number is 13, I'm gonna sign for that many hours at CMA fest! Come say hi?