Thursday, November 18, 2010

Get Kenny's new DVD for your high school and a Carrie Underwood sneak peak!

Kenny Chesney is donating 10,000 DVDs of his high school football documentary Boys of Fall to high schools and high school football coaches around the nation. Kenny hopes that the documentary will demonstrate to players and coaches the lasting, positive impact the game will have on their lives. There's information on how to request a copy on his website.

A sneak peek of Carrie Underwood's musical contribution to the new Chronicles of Narnia movie has been released

Now that he's no longer part of Brooks and Dunn Kix Brooks is taking on a new role. He revealed he's been cast in a dark role in the independent film Thriftstore Cowboy. "I'm kind of a bad guy," Brooks said. "He's not all bad in the end, but he's hooked up with some really bad guys, and he's trying to hang with them." Brooks is currently filming in Phoenix.

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