Thursday, September 23, 2010

Toby heads to the Trailerhood, Taylor's new CD and more

When it came to casting actors for his latest music video for "Trailerhood," Toby Keith knew exactly where to look. “We invaded this little trailer park, and it was a big deal for [the residents] to have a video shot there,” Keith says. “They were all standing behind the tape. One guy didn‟t have a shirt on, one kid didn‟t have any underwear on, one kid was sunburned and one girl‟s shirt didn‟t cover her belly.” That wasn‘t an issue for Toby. “So I said, "Why don‟t we bring everyone over here around this lawn chair and let‟s sing the chorus together?‟ And when you see the video, that‘s how they started their day. No one went back and said, "Let me go change my shirt‟ or "Let me go put a shirt on my kid.‟ It was authentic.”

One person who's happy with the new judges on Idol- Keith Urban. Keith and wife Nicole Kidman are big fans of American Idol -- they even record it when Keith's on the road. And Keith is excited that Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler in particular have been announced as the show's new judges. Keith says, "He'd certainly be entertaining. He'd be a good mentor too."

The track listing for Taylor Swift's highly anticipated third studio album was revealed today. She wrote all 14 tracks on her own.
Speak Now Track Listing:
1. "Mine"
2. "Sparks Fly"
3. "Back to December"
4. "Speak Now"
5. "Dear John"
6. "Mean"
7. "The Story of Us"
8. "Never Grow Up"
9. "Enchanted"
10. "Better Than Revenge"
11. "Innocent"
12. "Haunted"
13. "Last Kiss"
14. "Long Live"
Speak Now hits stores October 25.

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