Monday, September 13, 2010

Taylor Swift VMA performance

I have to admit- I couldn't sit through the VMA's last night. I think it's a sign of getting old but I'd rather watch "Mad Men" than anything on MTV. That said, I had to find Taylor Swift's performance online to at least check that out. So if you missed the show or just have to see it again here ya go: Taylor Swift - Innocent (Live)

Garth Brooks' "Unanswered Prayers" is one of those songs that will stick in people's minds forever- and that's certainly the case with some Hollywood movie makers. They're turning the hit song into a two-hour Lifetime TV movie. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film follows a happily married man "who must make a tough choice" when his high school flame comes back to town. Actors Eric Close, Samantha Mathis and Madchen Amick have been cast in the lead roles. Unanswered Prayers will premiere in November.

A copy of Darius Rucker's country music debut, Learn to Live, has been included in a time capsule buried under the start-finish line at the newly repaved Daytona International Speedway. A surprised Darius remarked, "I can't believe they chose my album to be a part of this commemoration!" Also in the capsule are a cell phone and a menu from McDonald's.

A year after getting married I'm still getting the old "How's married life" question. I just say "good" but in all honesty- it's not too much different than when we were dating and Carrie Underwood agrees. Two months after her wedding to Mike Fisher, Carrie Underwood says married life isn't much different than dating. She tells Women's Health magazine, "Sometimes our schedules will click, sometimes they won't. But that's good because we're both independent."

Trace Adkins will stop by the TONIGHT SHOW on NBC Tuesday September 14th followed by a visit to JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE on ABC Wednesday September 15th.

Get a sneak peak of James Otto‘s new album, Shake What God Gave Ya, on

Eaglefest star Josh Kelley ("Georgia Clay") recently talked to OK! Magazine about his relationship with his brother Charles (of Lady Antebellum).“We’ve always been really, really close brothers,” Josh tells OK!. “We’ve done everything together. When we went to college, we were eight hours away from each other. I went off and moved to Los Angeles and was doing my thing in music, and now here we are both in business together, both country artists, and that’s brought us even closer together because we see each other all the time. I wouldn’t trade that for the world. It’s priceless for me to be able to spend time with my brother.” Now that Josh and Charles are in the same genre of music, will there any sibling rivalry? “I think most brothers and siblings are pretty competitive, but I think we’re mostly proud,” Josh says. “We push each other to be better, for sure. Pride doesn’t make any decisions for either one of us.” Josh will be at Eaglesfest Sept 24th at the VB Amphitheater.

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