Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jack Ingram YouTube Series and Tonight's Tweets

Jack Ingram has launched the Acoustic Motel -- a new YouTube series in which he performs acoustic versions of his favorite country songs. First up is a cover of Willie Nelson's "I'd Have to Be Crazy" -- which is the first song Jack ever learned to play.

Tube Check Tomorrow (9/15): Trace Adkins heads to Jimmy Kimmel Live

Tonight's Tweets:

@kelliepickler: Just got my hair & makeup done for the ASCAP awards and then my new shimmer perfume exploded in my face. it. is. EVERYWHERE. I'm glowing.

@Sugarlandmusic: Sugarland takes a trip down memory lane with this latest video...check it out! http://bit.ly/becgft

@JayDeMarcus: I am at the dentist. Not a great way to spend this gorgeous afternoon... Never had a cavity, I hope my streak continues!

@martinamcbride: Today is the first day of the best is yet to come. Beyond excited!

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