Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Carrie and Jamey's new videos have some special guests, plus whose bed was Joe Nichols found in?!

How much did you pay for your wedding pics...probably not close to what some are willing to pay for a copy of Carrie Underwood's! Word has it that People magazine will pay around $2 million to for the exclusive photos. Guess that'll help cover the $500,000 tab for the wedding.

Speaking of Carrie...her new video for “Mama’s Song” will have an appearance from both her mother Carol and her hubby, Mike Fisher. “[Mike's] not ‘in’ it but you can tell it’s him,” Carrie tells People about Fisher’s cameo. “He hung out with my mom [on set] and he’s great with her.” From the sound of it, the new video will look more like a home movie than a music video, which is fitting because Underwood says the song is very personal to her. ‘Mama’s Song’ definitely reflects my mom and I’s relationship, and hopefully a lot of moms and daughters can relate to this, too,” Underwood says. “I love singin’ this song.” So what was the best part about recruiting family for the video? “Just seeing [Mike] in my world was sweet,” she says.

Keith Urban had a family member in his world recently- daughter Sunday Rose joined in on a recording session with her dad. Keith has been putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming album, 'Get Closer,' and during the recording, Sunday tok the mic. "I was shocked, because I thought the minute she hears her voice through the mic, through the headphones, she's just going to be freaked out by it," Keith tells The Boot. "But she giggled when she heard it and just launched into a song. [laughs] At two years and two months of age, she's standing at the mic, holding the mic – it's on a stand, but she's hanging onto it as well – and just sang these two songs. I recorded them, and they sound beautiful because it's in a professional studio. So, it's great to have it." And the tunes she recorded? "She did 'ABC' and 'Twinkle, Twinkle,'" says Keith. "They're big on the playlist right now. I know they're the same tune and different lyric, but that doesn't matter."

After a long day of flying recently, Jack Ingram and Joe Nichols performed a show together in Portland, Ore. Upon arriving at the hotel for check-in, Jack proceeded to his room to find his bed occupied -- by Joe Nichols! "Just accidentally lived out many women's fantasy -- on accident! Hotel gave me a key and a room. I opened door 2 find Joe Nichols n the bed!!!" Jack tweeted. "Wow! It was never that easy when I was single and walked into other women's room! More creepy than cool! I'll settle 4 u, Joe!!" After the initial shock wore off, Joe replied with, "Watch out @kevinfowler, @JackIngram might make a stop by your room next!" Jack eventually got the room situation squared away, getting a key to his own room.

Jamey Johnson's has enlisted his good buddy, Texas native Matthew McConaughey, to direct the his music video for 'Playing the Part'. Celebuzz has footage of the friends on the set of the video, which apparently involves Matthew in a gorilla suit! Watch it here.

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