Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tube Check, Carrie makes the record books, and Tonight's Tweets

Tube Check Tomorrow (8/4): Craig Morgan will be on Hannity (FOX News).

Speaking of Fox News, they've decided to launch their own country music awards- The American Country Awards. They will premiere December 6 from Las Vegas. Fans will vote for the winners.

Carrie Underwood has made the record books again! When “Undo It” reached #2, she became the only female artist in country music history to have eleven consecutive top two singles. Until then, she was tied with Tammy Wynette, who scored ten consecutive top two singles from 1967-1970. (and for Tammy fans, did you know all but one of her singles were #1 hits? Talk about a cool record!) Back to our current country queen, with “Undo It” moving to #1 last week, that means only two singles in her streak that didn’t top the charts: “Don’t Forget to Remember Me” and “I Told You So.” To add to all this...“Undo It” marks her tenth #1 single. How rare is it for a female to reach that milestone? The last woman to reach it was Rosanne Cash, her tenth #1 being “Runaway Train” in the fall of 1988. Whew!

Jeff Bridges took on a country singer in "Crazy Heart" and now he's started a trend- guess an Oscar win can do that. As I've mentioned before, Gwyneth Paltrow is up next as a country singer in a movie that will co-star Tim McGraw (who crazy enough won't be singing in it- still trying to figure that out) Now, Russell Crowe is throwing his cowboy hat into the rink. Director Phillip Noyce The Boot that his next project will be a film adaptation of the novel 'Dirt Music,' with Crowe in the lead for the story of a grieving country singer who has lost the ability to write or play music.

Tonight's Tweets:

@BradPaisley: Feel so stupid. Just found out shark week is just a weeklong theme on Discovery TV. Sharks actually don't even know about it. Yet...

@martinamcbride: Home Sweet Home....making gumbo for supper. Whole house smells delicious.....

@davidnail: Got my Lebron/Heat tshirt in today, pretty excited...

@RandyHouser: @ladyantebellum Very funny! Only that Waffle House doesn't have biscuit's and gravy. All true late night drunks and stoners know this.

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