Monday, August 9, 2010

Taylor, Kenny, Keith and Miranda, Blake and LeAnn threaten you in Tonight's Tweets

Taylor Swift is helping kick off the NFL season! Taylor and the Dave Matthews Band will perform as part of NFL Kickoff prior to the league's season-opening game between the New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings. The live Sept. 9 pre-game show will be staged in the Big Easy's Jackson Square, and the action begins at 6:30pm CT on the NFL Network and continues at 7pm CT on NBC-TV.

And speaking of Taylor, she took home a surfboard last night at the Teen Choice Awards. Taylor wasn't the only country star to win...Lady Antebellum won for Country Group and Keith Urban won Male Country Artist. The four awards for Taylor...Female Country Artist, Country Song for "Fifteen," Country Album for Fearless and Female Breakout star for her role in Valentine's Day. Hope she rode in a big van to the show to take all of the surfboards home!

And one more piece of Taylor news and I'm praying this is just a rumor that will never come to light! Gossip has it that she may take part in a sequel to the movie Valentine's Day. According to E! Online, Taylor has been mentioned to play a college student attending New York University in the project, which would be called New Year's Eve. After suffering through watching the first movie I hope for Taylor's sake she runs from the sequel!

Check out they are going to post more than 20 behind-the-scenes videos featuring CMA Music Festival performers. Check out Dierks Bentley's late-night fan club party, Jason Aldean's pre-performance "huddle" with the band before their LP Field show and Blake Shelton asks Kellie Pickler to watch his dogs and mother before taking the stage. The three-hour CMA Music Festival: Country's Night To Rock airs Sept. 1 at 8pm ET on ABC-TV.

Ever wonder what Kenny Chesney is hiding under those hats? If he's not in a big cowboy hat you usually see him sporting a baseball cap. He talked to Parade magazine recently and said he's not hiding the fact that he's bald under there...he could care less. "When I was 17 or 18, I'd take my helmet off on the field, and I'd see hair in it ... It did bother me in college a little bit, but it doesn't at all now. What's ironic about it is that friends of mine in their 30s and 40s are just starting to lose their hair and are freaking out." Kenny also spilled details on dating, marriage and babies...

On dating: "The world is a different place now. If I go out with a girl, there is a possibility that she's going to get up from the dinner table and go to the bathroom and use Twitter to tell everybody what she's doing. And the next thing you know, everybody's got a play-by-play of what you're having for dinner. That would make anybody uncomfortable."

On his marriage to Renee Zellweger ... five years later: "Now I look back on it as just another way of getting knocked down on the football field."

On walking down the aisle again: "I hope that's in the cards for me one day."

On having kids: "I hope I have kids one day. But I don't wake up every day and miss that in my life."

Ever wonder what Keith Urban eats every day? If it's kept you up at night, you can rest easy now that The Smoking Gun has published a copy of Keith's rider. According to the rider, he needs two breakfasts (before and after a workout). And he prefers that his grub--to be handled by his personal assistant--features the “highest quality, free range meat and organic vegetables and grains.” Butter, spices, and onions? Outlawed. Get the rest of these crazy details here

Tonight's Tweets:
@ladyantebellum: Charles, Hillary & Dave taped this special thank you message from the UK to thank you for their Teen Choice Award win!

@jamesotto: Call me old fashioned but the fact that a porn star (Kim Kardashian) is a presenter on the teen choice awards is kinda messed up. Not sure our kids stand a chance in this era. Makes me glad to be a country artist where there's at least a little more family values.

@KeithUrban: Thanx to YOU guys Keith was named Fav Country Male Artist @ the Teen Choice Awards.Here's what HE thinks about his win:

@JackIngram: In the studio 2day doing a few demos. U gonna like em. That's not a question.

@LukeBryanOnline: Check out this video: LBTV 2010! TV Taping -

@jakeofficial: What are u looking at?

and finally there seems to be a Twitter theme tonight- you will be harmed in some way if you don't buy Blake Shelton's CD tomorrow. I'm hitting Best Buy first thing!

@Miranda_Lambert: How bout this. If u don't buy @blakeshelton's new cd tomorrow, u will meet the wrong end of my 38 special. will be the doosh bag that got shot by a gun with a pink handle. Sooo do yourself a favor and get "All About Tonight", tomorrow!

@blakeshelton: Umm... Im still checking but I'm pretty sure its written in the bible that you have to buy my new album to get into heaven....

@leannrimes: Hey everybody, buy @blakeshelton's new record tmrw! I'm almost as bad ass and scary as @mirandalambert  you'll have to deal w/ me too!

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