Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Something for the Chris Young fans and Tonight's Tweets

Chris Young did his first live stream recently- if you missed it here's a performance from it of "Voices" and hear the story straight from Chris about putting his real family members in the video

Tonight's Tweets:

@Miranda_Lambert: Should I be scared that Blake's keyboard player just came to his bus and said "can I borrow a dog". They came back fine but still...

@cmorganmusic: Just seen a lady Brest feeding her child wouldn't be a big deal but he has to be at least 6 years old

@leannrimes: Dress rehearsal! Lots of tape to make sure I stay in my bikini. Doing a lot of flipping!! First tine ever performing in a bikini! Fun!

@KeithUrban: One of my snacks for the day while in the studio... this stuff is the best.

@saraevansmusic: Why do so many tv commercials try to make men/husbands/fathers look like idiots? Drives me crazy! If it was turned around women would say that's it's abusive! Show more respect for our men!

@whitneyduncan: Apparently I text people in my sleep. Sleeptexting...dangerous;) the funny thing is, is the texts actually make sense. Weird...

@jamesotto: Gotta say The Expendables is just like the name implies....Expendable. What a colossal disappointment! Not even any good one liners.

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