Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Miranda talks about her curves, Don't mess with Justin Moore and hit hat! Plus, Jake Owen hurts himself and tweets the pic for all to see

Miranda Lambert says her new single, 'Only Prettier,' was written as a direct message to a specific group of people from her past. Miranda praises the writing of the song for the fact that it has the “guts to say what we all wanted to say to those mean skinny girls in high school." Miranda is proud of her curves, and hopes to inspire other girls to embrace their looks as well. "I'm OK with the way I look," she insists. "And thank God I didn't get in the modeling industry so I can actually eat food, which makes me happy. But I have a lot of girls who come up to me all the time and say, 'We're so glad you're just normal, you're normal sized and you're not emaciated.' I'm proud to stand for that."

Elvis famously said "Lay off my blue suede shoes" now Justin Moore is saying Lay off of my hat! At a concert recently, a fan took his hat right off the top of his head, and other people in the crowd began to tug and pull at it. Justin did finally get it back, but he wasn’t happy with the shape it was in. In an interview with The Maryville Daily Times he said, “It looked like an old fishing hat.” The woman who grabbed it got tossed by security, and her response made it clear to Justin that she really didn’t understand the issue. “What got me,” he said, “was the reason she gave when they threw her out — ‘Well, he can afford a new one.’ That’s not really the point! I wasn’t out but about 60 bucks, but once you find a good hat, that’s the one. I’ve got about 15 others, but that’s the one I really liked, so I was not happy about that. I kind of let her have it on stage. I just reiterated the Chris LeDoux song about not messing with a man’s hat.”

Tonight's Tweets:

@jakeofficial: Going to the ER ..... http://yfrog.com/61jrsqj

@blakeshelton: Can't decide if I'm more interested in Brett Favre coming back or that I can't tell if it's George Hamilton or Jim Rome reporting on it....

@JMCOfficial (Jason Michael Carroll): Now, sitting together on the couch spending some quality family time...by watching the misfortune of others on Wipeout! We love this show!

@ClayWalker: im gonna have a HUGE tweet announcement in about two weeks ...its some really good gossip so u wont want to miss...im takin it deep

@Miranda_Lambert: If your religion does not allow birth control and u have more than 4 kids....get a new religion!

@saraevansmusic: BTW? I'm obsessed with the Eminem and Rihanna song!

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