Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blake is #1, Toby and Trace discuss Lindsey plus Tonight's Tweets

Congratulations to Blake Shelton -- he scored a number-one debut on the country album chart with his newest six-pack collection, All About Tonight. Having the number-one country album this week assures Blake Shelton that he got it right with All About Tonight. He says, "I've been telling people in interviews that if someone had never heard my music before and asked me what album they should buy of mine, I would recommend this one because it truly is the best work I have done. It's a validation for me to know that fans feel the same way about this album."

Toby Keith and Trace Adkins know what it's like to raise daughters. They have seven between them. They are on tour together right now and got to talking about Lindsey Lohan's trouble and how they would deal with it...I have a feeling both of them would put a boot in her ass if she was their daughter but they put it a little nicer. "I can't comment on her parenting that she's had," Toby tells The Boot. "But all that starts at home. I think most of the problems that kids have start at home..All you can do right now in a situation like that is give them hard love."

"Somebody a long time ago probably should have stopped trying to insulate her and protect her, and let her suffer the consequences and pay for her mistakes instead of trying to hire lawyers and whatever to keep her out of jail," adds Trace. "At some point you've just got to practice tough love and make them pay for it."

Kellie Pickler and her fiancĂ©, songwriter Kyle Jacobs, were golf partners at a fundraiser Monday in Nashville. According to reports, Kellie stepped up to the ball at the annual Music Row Ladies Golf Tournament. She concentrated. She pulled back her club. She swung mightily. And she missed. Several times. “Mother&$*%&!” Kellie exclaimed, then burst into laughter along with her teammates. A very patient Kyle would then assist on her next swing, and the couple had fun, held hands and generally looked adorable throughout the day.

Aww! Jimmy Wayne returned home to Nashville earlier this month after walking 1,700 miles across the country to raise awareness for teen homelessness with his Meet Me Halfway campaign. And he brought a friend home with him a 6-month-old Chihuahua he adopted while walking through White Deer, Texas. Little Ruby was rescued from an area kill shelter prior to Jimmy taking on the responsibility of adopting her. For Jimmy, crossing paths with Ruby was symbolic on many levels. "Ruby represents everything that project Meet Me Halfway is all about," says the singer. "She represents the foster kids out there who are just hoping to be taken into a good home one day."

Tonight's Tweets:
@davidnail: life

@eastoncorbin: Sitting at Fenway Park, not a bad way to spend an evening.

@jamesotto: I can't believe Nashville is gonna flood again! Ughh!

@jakeofficial: Heading to grab a steak in Nebraska.. Finally came out of my daze from the pain killers. No wonder Johnny Cash liked those things.

Ok... I was just informed we are in South Dakota.. Guess I was in my "daze" when we made it here earlier. No clue how this happened.

@DierksBentley: hangin w big white in our chill out spot up on the ridge. #fb

@jodeemessina: I would like to thank Carrie Underwood for joining me on my run today :) her music kept me going

@TerriClarkMusic: I've decided Nashville is good for my skin. Its like being in a steam room. My AC bill will be outrageous this summer.

@ChrisYoungMusic: Nothing like Austin. :) I got hit with my first bra onstage in a little while

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