Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sugarland kidnappers? Taylor talks new album and Tonight's Tweets

I love Sugarland and I love the show Chuck so when I saw Jennifer and Kristian's facebook page tonight I had to laugh. They posted this message and pic "Chuck fans we need your attention! We are holding this "Chuck" actor captive. Either Sugarland gets to guest-star next season or Chuck just got a little less awesome...What is creator Josh Schwartz going to do?"

Sugarland playing secret spies...sounds good to me.

Taylor Swift will be discussing her upcoming album during a live chat with fans next Tuesday (7/20) at 4pm CT. The multi-platform Q&A will be webcast on and on her MySpace, Facebook and Ustream accounts. Questions may be submitted directly into the live Ustream chat window on all sites.

Tube Check Tomorrow (7/16): The Band Perry will be on Fox & Friends (FOX News)at 8:50 am

Tonight's Tweets:

@JayDeMarcus: They call it golf because all other four-letter curse words were taken...

@JustinColeMoore: @BradPaisley you're missin out my friend...we're lookin for somebody with a couple hits to close our show tom. Interested? We can't

@BradPaisley: The new album by @jrodfromoz (jerrod Niemann) is out this week. I think it's tremendous and fantastic. If you like things that are tremendous and fantastic.

@KevinFowler: I'm living the song today. After last night in Vegas I definitely feel like #?*!.

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