Friday, July 16, 2010

More wedding details from Carrie, David Nail hit's a homer and Tonight's Tweets

People magazine hit statnds today with more details on Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher's wedding. Here are some of the tidbits:

--Carrie surprised Mike by bringing contemporary Christian singer Brandon Heath to perform "Love Never Fails" for their first dance at their wedding.
--The ceremony took place beneath an arbor of birch trees and roses.
--When the groom kissed the bride at the end of the ceremony, Carrie's dog Ace barked like mad.
--The color scheme for the wedding was pink.
--Painted hockey pucks held the guests' table assignments.
--The wedding cake was a cupcake tower.
--For music, Carrie and Mike had a DJ who played everything from Lionel Richie to Guns n' Roses.
--Carrie will be Carrie Fisher in her personal life, but will still use Underwood professionally -- perhaps to avoid confusion with "Princess Leia."

Unfortunately, not all weddings end with a happy marriage. Sara Evans 1st husband is back in the news...Craig Schelske has filed papers in a Tennessee court to re-structure his custody agreement, saying that he wants his kids with him six months at a time. According to my guilty pleasure website, TMZ, Schelske claims that Sara's husband, Jay Barker, has been sending him harassing text messages claiming that Satan is controlling his thoughts and actions. Schkelske also says that Sara and Jay trash him in front of the children.

David Nail hit a homerun for the Nationals at last weekend's MLB All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game. You can see it here

Tonight's Tweets:

@JoeNichols: Army just landed a Blackhawk helicopter next to the stage we're playing on tonight in WV. Suck it ferris wheel...

@KeithUrban:Working hard in the studio this week, off to shows in Sarnia tonight, then Ottawa. Hope to see you there.

@davidnail: washing the cattle, my new favorite thing to do

@RandyHouser: my favorite Gibson guitar just got busted! The wind in Kansas blew it over. Dammit Dorothy!

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