Friday, July 23, 2010

Eric Church makes you say "awww!", Miranda rants on Twitter and a video from Joe

Aww this is SO sweet! When Eric Church stumbled upon two lost cats last week, he didn't expect them to hijack his website. They wrote, "Hi, I'm Jesse Colter and this is my mama June Carter. I'm around four or five months old and June is around a year old ... We are looking for a loving home to start a new life together."
Eric found that cats while jogging in North Carolina, and made it his mission to find them a good home. To see a picture and find out what happened to Jesse and June, check out Eric's website

Miranda Lambert took to Twitter today to rant about a bad interview saying, "The ? From my interview with mr negative this am....why are u an Blake gettig married anyway? My answer...if u were not so rude and ignorant and stuck on urself, perhaps a girl would talk to u and maybe even U could fall n love....but u are all of those things so stop taking ur sad life out on happy people. I Always think of a good comeback like 30 second to late. Thank God for Twitter"

If you missed Joe Nichols' performance on Fox and Friends this a.m. Here ya go!

Are the Montgomery Gentry guys slowing down?! They are known as much for their rough and rowdy ways as they were for their hit music. But now it seems the rock 'n roll lifestyle might finally be catching up with the boys. "In the words of Hank [Williams, Jr.], 'the hangovers hurt more than they used to,'" Troy admits [quote via Country Music Is Love]. "I'm not quite the partier I used to be. I got protein powders and supplements and vitamins and everything sitting around. I've swapped the vodka and the wine out for vitamins and supplements these days. Got a bunch of the colorings and pictures from my little girl -- all of her little art work she does when she's out on the bus -- hung up on the refrigerators and on the windows and everything. It's more like home than it is the local neighborhood bar and pub."

"Yeah, we don't run quite as hard as we used to," adds Eddie. "It takes too many days to get over it."

Looks like even Ryan Seacrest's girlfriend Julianne Hough thought he was gay! According to TMZ Julianne was in N.C. for her birthday dinner at a Morton's steak house the other night with a bunch of friends ... and at one point during the meal, she was asked, "How did you and Ryan get together?" Julianne responded, "He was after me since I was 18 ... he totally wasn't my type ... I thought he was gay." But Hough continued, "After a few years, he was persistent ... so I went out with him on a date and I realized how much I liked him." We're told Ryan and Julianne have been together for a couple of months.

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@kelliepickler: (just thinking) I'm the luckiest girl in the world cause I get to spend the rest of my life with @kylecjacobs. love you honey. see u soon.

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