Friday, July 2, 2010

Dolly, Phil, Reba, Darius and Toby on TV this weekend, Tim gives the shirt off his own back and Trace takes on Richard Petty

Tube Check Tomorrow (7/3): Dolly Celebrates 25 Years Of Dollywood on the Hallmark channel at 8pm; Phil Vassar will be on the CBS Early Show; and Craig Morgan's: All Access Outdoors will air on the Outdoor Channel.

Tube Check Sunday (7/4): Reba McEntire and Darius Rucker will be among the artists performing on A Capitol Fourth on PBS; over on CBS Toby Keith will be on the 37th Annual Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular

Tim McGraw recently gave Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley the shirt off his back -- literally. It was part of a ritual Tim has every tour where he gives his tour mates one of his shirts, so Charles and Dave Haywood each received a selection from his closet. And as happy as he was to accept the gesture, Charles couldn't help but ponder just exactly how the ritual got its start. Sorry Tim, but that's kinda weird. I'm sure a fan would like it if you took off your shirt and threw it to them from the I right ladies? But asking two fellow...guy...artists to come take a used shirt of yours is just plain weird.

Taylor Swift comes in at No. 12 on Forbes' 100 most powerful celebrities list, released this week. The high ranking makes the 20-year-old superstar the top-rated country musician on this list, but not the youngest celeb. Taylor's buddy Miley Cyrus has that distinction, as the 17-year-old ranks just behind Taylor at No. 13.

Trace Adkins is a celebrity spokesman for BC Powder and now has a friendly rivalry going with Richard Petty who is the spokesman for the Goody's Headache Powder, to see who experiences the biggest pains in their given professions. Richard has crashes and Trace has to fight off those rabid fans - who do you suppose suffers the most bumps, bruises, and headaches? Sorry Trace- I think Richard's got you beat big time! But everyone gets a vote to decide. See, Trace and Richard are asking you to join their team. They will then be trying to prove who has the tougher, pain-inducing job by attempting to perform in their rival's world in ways such as 6 foot 6 inch Trace will attempt to get into Richard's race car (through the window, how's that for a picture?) and Richard will try his hand singing karaoke. All the challenges will be taped for your viewing pleasure and posted to Then you get to help pick the winner and get a shot at winning a VIP experience prize package- Trace's is a VIP concert experience for his 2011 tour and Richard's is a VIP racing experience.

Tonight's Tweets:

@Miranda_Lambert: Ummmm....6 of us piled in my pickup leaving dfw because of canceld planes, trying to get to Canada. How glamerous! In the rain!!!!!!

...and I only brought one show outfit and it's in my bag in the truck the rain. Hope Canada has a walmart.

@leannrimes: Sitting waiting...sitting waiting...sitting waiting! Welcome to showbiz!!!

@JackIngram: I never got n2 Dungeons n Dragons way back when, never hopped on the Harry Potter train and I will not wait n line 2 c Twilight! Have fun!

@JackIngram: And every1 chill @ those twilight smacks! I was just bored! I'll watch it on demand or sumthin! Go suck ur blood and have fun! I heart Rob!

WHAT????!!!! I can't believe @blakeshelton wasn't named Peta's Sexiest Vegetarian of the year!!! I could've sworn he had it in the bag!! ;-)

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